Poll: How Should Greenwich Schools Handle Security?

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What do you think the Greenwich school district should do about security after the tragedy in Newtown? Photo Credit: Flickr user grendelkhan

GREENWICH, Conn. – Greenwich is considering changes in school security after the tragic shooting in Newtown last month, Superintendent of Schools William McKersie announced in a letter last week.


How Do You Want Security To Change At Greenwich Schools After The Tragedy In Newtown?

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How Do You Want Security To Change At Greenwich Schools After The Tragedy In Newtown?

  • There should be at least one armed guard at every school.

  • There should be guards at all schools, but they shouldn't be armed.

  • There should only be increased police patrols to and past the schools.

  • No changes to school security are necessary.

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Those changes could include stationing armed guards at schools, McKersie said.

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"You can be assured that the Greenwich Public Schools are safe and secure," McKersie said in the letter. "At the same time, we are in the process of a thoughtful review of all safety and security measures, and doing so in close coordination with the first selectman and chief of police. Schools nationally remain one of the safest locations for children. We have to make sure that continues to be the case in Greenwich."

McKersie said in the letter he has received many emails from parents and staff advocating armed guards at the schools. Although he is considering the option, McKersie cautions that it is an intricate process.

"Adding armed guards at all schools, which some parents have advocated, is a complicated step that presents many pros and cons, and may ultimately have minimal effects in the type of tragedies in Newtown and Columbine," he said. "Nevertheless, we will consider the option as we review our safety and security procedures relative to best practices in Connecticut and nationally."

Greenwich police, both uniformed and plainclothes, will continue to provide an increased presence at all district schools for the next few weeks, according to McKersie.

Officials are not at liberty to disclose many of the details of the emergency plans for the sake of safety, he said.

"The safety and security of our students and staff are our highest priority," McKersie said. "We will be thoughtful in the consideration of the various options for enhancing our safety and security procedures."

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Comments (2)


When seconds count, cops are always just minutes away.


Video surveillance in exterior areas and walkways/doorways can be installed at a one-time cost and monitored by existing in-school security and office personnel. Armed guards will only have a long-term damaging affect on children and provide a warped sense of safety.

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