See Greenwich's Recent Home Sales

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Check out last week's paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales.
Check out last week's paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales. Photo Credit: Staff Photo

GREENWICH, Conn. – Here is a list of paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales from Dec. 28 to Jan. 3 as reported by the town clerk's office.

• Robert Gintel sold 71 Baldwin Farms S. to Tom Ward Jr. for $3.05 million.

• Anthony White sold 230 West Lyon Farm Drive to Robert and Margaretha Love for $1.195 million.

• Paul Applegarth sold 94 Meadow Wood Drive to 94 Meadow Wood Drive LLC for $5 million.

• Robert Hannigan sold 274 North St. to Timothy and Lauren Winston for $1.1 million.

• Claire Morrow sold 7 Close Road to Preston Associates Real Estate Holdings LP for $7 million.

• Ariane Matschullat sold 46 Vineyard Lane to Christopher and Francesca Santomero for $6.5 million.

• Albert Betteridge sold 15 Delwood Lane to Stephen Waters for $4.2 million.

• Mary Stengel sold 20 Flower Lane to Adam and Susan Odegard for $900,000.

• William Merkle sold 41 Windsor Lane to David and Melissa Walko for $800,000.

• Seyit Isbiroglu sold 1 Bradbury Place to Clayton and Eva Pecorin for $1.48 million.

• Barbara King sold 8 Indian Point Lane to Riccardo Sicheri and Doriana Russo for $2.35 million.

• Ursula Oca sold 41 Valley Road to Robert Oca for $800,000.

• Joseph Avenia sold 277 Bruce Park Ave. to William Noble for $636,250.

• Bonita Copp sold 79 Bush Ave. to Deep Water Bay LLC for $6.9 million.

• Ottavio Mallozzi sold 10 Heusted Drive to Gary and Diane Hirsch for $785,000.

• Antonio Costa sold 9 Quintard Ave. to Mark and Emily Chan-Finkelstein for $2.049 million.

• Dorothy Wheeler sold 30 Rapids Lane to Irina Pisareva for $1.375 million.

• Laura Lawrence sold 240 Sheephill Road to Morris Creek Yacht Club LLC for $1.125 million.

• Annabel Marisca sold 47 Lafayette Place, Unit 4-I, to Detlef and Romana Mueller for $545,000.

• Robert Lardon sold 15 Khakum Wood Road to Cotswold LLC for $7.525 million.

• Anna Bull sold 508 W. Lyon Farm Drive to Robert and Marjorie Mountain for $1.1 million.

• Jutta Alwardt sold 12 Cottontail Road to Robert Pelgrift for $875,000.

• Arleide Presto sold 47 Indian Field Road to Vincent and Maria Cabanero for $928,000.

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