See Greenwich's Recent Home Sales

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Check out last week's paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales.
Check out last week's paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales. Photo Credit: Staff Photo

GREENWICH, Conn. – Here is a list of paid Greenwich property transfers and home sales from Dec. 21-28 as reported by the town clerk's office.

  • 127 Havemeyer Place, LLC sold 127 Havemeyer Place to Stephen and Catherine Candland for $1.5 million.
  • Leendert Grijns sold 12 Fairview Terrace to Paul Ravenscroft and Jenny Brorson for $850,000.

  • Rachel Duffy sold 2 Parsonage Road to Matthew and Renée Parker for $3.45 million.
  • Gerard Krause Jr. sold 4 Cherry Lane to 4 Cherry Lane, LLC for $1.55 million.

  • Catherine Dineen sold 81 Lockwood Road to Cooper Fox Meadow, LLC for $1.1 million.
  • Irina Levitan sold 106 Porchuck Road to Lillian Wieckowski for $2 million.

  • Stephen Candland sold 58 North St. to Todd Ertel and Sharon Casey for $3.27 million.
  • Christian Calemmo sold 20 Nicholas Ave. to Robert and Katrina Mata for $542,500.

  • Robert Matschullat sold 38 Vineyard Lane to Arianne Matschullat for $825,000.
  • Weeden Investors L.P. sold a non-residential property at 145 Mason St. to Winwich Mason LLC for $28.33 million.

  • Hilda Torelli sold 351 Pemberwick Road, Unit 602 to Judith Boksner for $525,000.
  • Terry and Patrice Jones sold 23 Pond Place to Daniel and Sarah Rosell for $770,000.

  • Matilda Moore sold 4 Cedar Lane to Network Development Company LLC for $725,000.
  • Aaron Eiges sold 14 Dwight Lane to Navid and Nava Mootabar for $2.91 million.

  • Domenico Iorfino, executor of the estate of Dominic Iorfino, sold 31 Havemeyer Lane to Joseph and Maia Weed for $626,353.
  • George Dadakis sold 483 Riversville Road to 483 Riversville Road LLC for $1.475 million.

  • RMS Stone Avenue LLC sold 18 Stone Ave., Home Site 5 to Frank Cortese for $579,000.
  • Vincent Cappa sold 3 Loughlin Ave. to John and Traci Bosco for $485,000.

  • Marsha Haugen sold 67 Long Meadow Road to Peter and Sydney Uhry for $950,000.
  • The estate of Ivan Pavelic sold 34 Bote Road to Jack DeGrado for $1.66 million.

  • William McGowan sold 39 Willow Road to Andrew and Kathryn Hertzmark for $2.47 million.
  • James Pizzo sold 47 Doubling Road to Aron Natale and Grace Kaori for $2.87 million.

  • Allison Van Dyk sold 651 Steamboat Road to Parahod 651 LLC for $3.3 million.
  • Anna Lindholm sold 7 Ford Lane to John Franke for $5.6 million.

  • Robert Alden sold 44 Carriglea Drive to Michael Rosella for $2.9 million.
  • Lawrence Hicks sold 19 Benjamin St. to Eric Hasani-Sadi for $1.835 million.

  • Irene Scheck sold 34 Ettl Lane to 34 Ettl Lane LLC for $350,000.
  • Peter Ferraro, executor of the estate of Antoinette Ferraro, sold 16 Farley St. to Jeffery and Julie Brown for $620,000.

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