Fairfield County Real Estate Agents Turning To Drone Technology

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Real estate agents are beginning to use commercial drones, similar to the ones seen here, to help capture new views of properties on sale. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Real estate agents looking to sell multimillion-dollar homes in Fairfield County are turning to cutting-edge drone technology to help capture new and unique angles of properties that are for sale, according to a New York Times article.

Halstead Property has reportedly been using drones to take video cameras to the skies -- inside and outside of homes -- to try to attract buyers.

The produced finished product of the videos have helped increase the visibility of a $6.1 million home in Greenwich and a $7.6 million beach house in Darien, according to the article.

Other real estate companies have begun using drones as well in New Haven County and in the Hamptons on Long Island, according to the article.

Read The Daily Voice's feature on Halstead's use of drones here.

Read the full New York Times article here.

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Comments (2)

Norwalk Spectator:

Is this done with the owner's permission or can the owner practice his/her skeet accuracy with them? PULL!!~!!!

Broad River:

The owner has no expectation of privacy.