Sen. Chris Murphy Launches 'Connecticut In The Capitol' Video Series

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut has launched a new YouTube series of videos called "Connecticut in the Capitol."

The series of videos is intended to give viewers a closer look at the U.S. Capitol and help them learn more about Connecticut's impact on the historic building. 

“As you walk through the halls of the U.S. Capitol, you see connections to our state just about everywhere,” Murphy said in a statement. “Connecticut has had a huge impact on the architecture, art, and structure of this place, and I hope these videos will help illustrate that even if you can’t make it down to Washington in person. I’m so proud to represent a state that has made such a powerful mark on our nation’s capital, and I hope you'll enjoy this video series.”

Click on the video above to watch the first video in the series. 

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Comments (8)

CT voters need to start planning a "Murphy Out of the Capitol" day next election.

Thank You Chris Murphy . You will have my vote.

Yes GTR I agree Chris Murphy is doing an excellent job.

You should create a new user name "annoying orange" and add it to the list.

Chris Murphy is just showing us all how amazed at the things he's learning he really is. Would be nice if they cared about the state enough to know these things before getting elected.

He is far from a legislator, just a wide eyed boy without a clue how to proceed. A perfect palette for the DNC to mold into another brain dead Democrat.

depressing looks like something Duff directed.Maybe its time the Democrats take a serious look who they have in higher office its time for a change in our State House as well.Recently we all got mail from Morris that also showed desperation guess the next election will be interesting.

What is this all about? Does he want to be a film director or a legislator?

Government passed 40,000 new laws last year...think about what it takes for all citizens and corporations to access, read, study, determine if it applies to them, and then implement/comply with 40,000 new laws?!

All the while wondering if the "legislators" actually bothered to even read what they voted for!

Laughable or lamentable?