Malloy: 'The Time To Act Is Now' On Gun Violence

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Gov. Dannel Malloy unveiled measures to reduce gun violence Thursday at a conference in Danbury.
Gov. Dannel Malloy unveiled measures to reduce gun violence Thursday at a conference in Danbury. Photo Credit: File

DANBURY, Conn. – Gov. Dannel Malloy went to Danbury on Thursday to unveil a package of gun control measures that he will urge state legislators to approve. 

The proposals focus on universal background checks, banning large-capacity magazines, strengthening the assault weapons ban, safer gun storage and stronger enforcement of existing laws.

Addressing a conference on gun violence at Western Connecticut State University, Malloy said: “Two months ago, our state became the center of a national debate after a tragedy we never imagined could happen here. The horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School brought home the fact that we are not immune to problems that face the nation at large, that we can never become complacent in our effort to ensure the safety of our residents.”

Malloy praised President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for their proposals aimed at reducing gun violence. “The proposals outlined by the White House will make us and our children safer, no doubt about it,” the governor said.

He acknowledged that the issue of gun violence is complicated and will require further study but noted there are “clear, common sense steps” that need to be taken in Connecticut. Malloy wants magazines to be limited to 10 rounds or less, background checks for all gun sales and a new definition for the term assault weapon to include any gun with at least one military characteristic.

Malloy also called on people to share some of the responsibility in preventing gun violence.

“Gun owners have a responsibility to store their weapons safely, and should be held accountable if a person is injured because of an improperly stored weapon,” he said. “The fact is that if you sell guns, or work at a gun range, and you see or know of illegal activity involving a firearm or banned magazine, you have a responsibility to tell someone in law enforcement.”

The package also addresses mental health issues and the role they play in gun violence. Malloy said mandatory reporting laws regarding mental health will be studied to determine whether additional gun storage requirements for the mentally ill should be made law.

“Shootings like this are becoming an all too common occurrence in our country,” Malloy said. “That must change. While the tragedy at Sandy Hook provided a devastating reminder of the need for more sensible policy, the problem of gun violence is not confined to one community.”

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Comments (14)

Time to recall Governor Malloy.

If I hear one more politician say "common sense" while clearly not using any, I am going to scream. They seem to be quite fond of saying that their new legislation will make people safer and reduce gun violence, but they cannot explain how that will happen. Of course, that is likely because it won't reduce any gun violence, and they know this already.

I hope everyone remembers all of their lies when the next mass murder happens and none of their fabulous control laws work. It isn't a question of "if," it is a simple question of "when."

Malloy is a bonehead. Why havent the DETAILS from Newtown been released yet? I just read a report that the state police said they believe the violent games might have influenced Lanza because he was dropping magazines well before he needed to. In other words he didnt use the evil 30 round mags up before swapping them out. That indicates that having 30 round mags was irrelevant, as anyone familiar with guns already knew. Thats a VERY important piece of info, one the public NEEDS to decide weather or not limiting mag capacity makes any difference.

Remember the second person caught in the woods? Also, turns out the assault rife was in the trunk.
Many details missing...

Stop it Mrs Nelson! You are not helping us defend the 2nd Amendment when you continue to push these incorrect statements.

The firearm taken from the trunk was a Saiga shotgun. This has been verified by the State Police & the medical examiner said the AR15 was used in the killings, except I believe the killer used a pistol to do himself.

However, this does not take away from the fact that between 2004 & 2011 all rifles accounted for a total of 2 homicides out of a total of 850. There is no need to rush this legislation thru as so called 'assault weapons' are rarely used to commit a crime.

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Thank you governor Malloy for the tax break for the middle class.
This is much appreciated While You Dig us out of the mess that theyou Republican grandma Rell created

Rell created? The legislature has been controlled by democrats since the early 90's. The governor doesn't implement a budget along, he/she can only sign a budget once its been passed by the legislature.

time to get out the tar and feathers for these clowns! Bypassing the taskforce because it's not going as well as you planned is disgraceful. If he isn't impeached, he will be voted out.

Sadly, the CT electorate seems to be quite content with Malloy. I really don't get it, but I somehow doubt he will be voted out despite his ignorance, impatience, and illogical actions.

Here is an interesting opinion on gun control.

Dave, I read that this morning!

Did you see Biden on youtube? Admitting gun control will do NOTHING

What a joke

Malloy is a hack and a fraud, and I cannot wait to pull the lever of whoever runs against him. He is not getting the guns that we use to protect our families, guns that are a right guaranteed under the US constitution. We will defend that right by any means necessary.

How about Malloy tries to fix the shootouts on Woodward Ave that happen on a much more regular basis. I'm not saying that we should ignore the Newtown incident but how many shots are fired in Norwalk with illegal gun in gang fights.