Malloy Cancels $55 Tax Rebates For Connecticut Residents

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Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced  there would be no tax rebates.
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced there would be no tax rebates. Photo Credit: File Photo

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced that his idea of giving $55 tax rebates to taxpayers will not come to fruition, according to the Hartford Courant. 

Malloy announced Monday that the rebates would not occur this year "because lagging tax collections have made the projected state budget surplus smaller than expected," according to the Courant report. Malloy also told the Courant that the plan was not a gimmick. 

"Let's be very clear. My position is not different. The circumstances are different," Malloy said, according to the Courant. 

Malloy announced in January that he wanted to use a portion of the state’s $505 million surplus to give a refund to Connecticut taxpayers. His plan would have given individuals $55 and joint filers $110, according to previous reports from Daily Voice. 

“We should give something back to Connecticut taxpayers, because if the people of Connecticut are going to share in the sacrifice during tough times, they should also share in the recovery as things begin to turn around,” Malloy said of the refund in his State of the State address.

But about 49 percent of Connecticut voters think the refunds are a “bad idea,” compared with 43 percent who favor the refunds, according to a Quinnipiac University poll. But when asked whether the idea was “a political gimmick” or “good public policy,” 63 percent of respondents leaned toward gimmick, while only 23 percent felt it was a good policy, the poll says. 

More than 80 percent of Daily Voice users polled agreed that the idea was a gimmick. 

Click here to read the entire story from the Courant. 

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Comments (49)

Oh I now see that gas is actually a dime cheaper with Obama as President

Adjusting for inflation, prices rose to $2.52 (Bush) and $2.53 (Obama) seven months into their terms, $2.76 and $2.71, respectively, nearly two years in and $3.27 each three years in. This month, gas is $3.85, more than a dime cheaper than at this point during Bush's second term when adjusted for inflation.

@! Jason so tell me why 4 dollar Obama Gas is better than Bush Chaney gas. Seems like you do not understand conspiracies. They are only conspiracies when Republicans are in office according to liberals. So the dems did what with fuel PRICES!! No problem with that? Fascinating how Democrats can do no wrong in your eyes. So tell me why people and business are moving out of all these liberal states for conservative states?

A Powers states When Bush and Chaney were in the white house it was a big conspiracy.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I agree

The Pricewaterhouse study was debunked. It was also paid for by the big oil lobbyists.
Why is it Republicans hate facts.

A study conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers last year concluded that the oil & gas industry as a whole "supports" about 9 million jobs and 7.5% of US GDP. Just the stopping of oil drilling in the gulf netter a 23,000 job loss in the area and not counting supported businesses. The democrats do not like companies making money and Americans having jobs!!

Big Oil, Big Profits, Big Tax Breaks

This is what the Republicans support
Talk about welfare

Once again, it’s been a good quarter for Big Oil. The big five oil companies—BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Shell—reported $23 billion in combined profits for their third quarter of 2013. That’s $175,000 per minute. Together, these five companies earn more in one minute than 95 percent of Americans earn in a year

Big Oil is swimming in an endless river of profits and continues to invest millions of dollars to lobby Congress against eliminating their special tax breaks

This incentive should not apply to oil and gas production since oil and gas fields cannot move overseas. In fact, the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation estimated that this special tax break accounts for $14 billion—or nearly 60 percent—of the $24 billion in tax breaks that the big five companies will receive over the coming decade
The big five oil companies spent a total of $33 million lobbying through the third quarter of 2013. While this may seem like a lot of money, it is actually quite a good investment. If the big five successfully retain their tax breaks, they will save $73,000 on their taxes for every $1 spent on lobbying.

Exxon's profit 2% Taxes on fuels 43% . And Ct is right up there at 49.6 cents a gallon. Highest in the country. Now what was that about the republicans tax breaks for oil companies. By the way Food stamps under snap is the highest it has ever been. Free food free cell phones free cable and free health care what is your point? Please tell me you condone the taxes in CT. Instituted by the democrats!!

Please tell me that you are not attempting to justify the Republican tax breaks for big oil when they made record profit..Talk about welfare
I guess corporate welfare is just fine with the right wingers as children are starving..

Once again the tax and spend republicans have put so much pork in every bill they have waste part of the surplus ..thankfully we still have a surplus thanks to the leadership of the Democrat Malloy.

@ Port chester how can the republicans spend anything?? The house senate and governor are in charge?? And they are all democrats in power.And it has been this way for years other than the old governor. The dems control. So saying the republicans are spending is beyond comprehension. So how is the republicans spending money in a minority. That would be a neat trick !! Clearly you are delusional .

The surplus that he is going to waste on other things rather than give to the people that need it?

Delusional,for sure.Special needs?No doubt.

Ct does have a surplus that's a fact. The Republicans can deny this but it doesn't change the fact.

That is correct CEO thanks for the info

We have a surplus all right,a surplus of spendthrift liberal kooks up in Hartford,and a surplus of meatheads like CEO Norwalk who vote for them. Some people enjoy being governed by ..incompetent people. Here,and in Washington.Harry .Reid,Nancy Pelosi.

Gasoline over 4$ a gallon in Connecticut due to the lefty kooks running the state.

You forgot how the Republicans fight to keep the tax breaks for big oil

ce ZERO,
Well that's cool, don't give it to people that need it. Spend it on something useless.
Danny has my vote!

If the additional surplus was available he was giving back to the taxpayers of CT. However some of the Republican house members are spending it on their pet projects. Also let us not forget that under the leadership of the democrat Malloy this is the first time CT had a surplus in years. Also let us not forget the disaster he inherited and repaired.

You don't seem to want to admit that the legislature was controlled,both chambers,by Democrats.Either that,are you are just uninformed,which wouldn't surprise me.He inherited a disaster created by his own party.Nice try,Plato.

The Governor is the chief executive and is responsible for the state of the state.. Much like a CEO of a corporation the buck stops at his desk not the desk of the legislator ..Now does the Robtard understand???
The fact is the democratic controlled house and the democratic Governor created a surplus.

Oh so the republicans are not giving away the surplus to the people that need it?

Odd, says "malloy" cancelled the tax rebates, not the GOP.
Can you supply any link to this?

How did he repair it? So he has $, he wants to keep it from the people and he cancelled the rebates but the GOP is at fault? Can you clarify ANY of this?

He cancelled it because the Republicans spent part of it. . As far as Malloy fixing the mess he inherited the surplus is proof of that..
Robatrd come visit my site . Its under construction but I think you will enjoy it. HAHAHA

So there is no surplus? They spent "part" of it? What are they doing with the "rest" of it?
You just said there was a surplus now you said the GOP spent it, but there still IS a surplus?

You lefties could screw up a wet dream.G.D.P.1% last quarter.Nice job Obama. Hows that recovery again? What a sad joke.

The gdp was up 2 percent last quarter..

Actually the gdp is up 3 percent

Check again,Socrates..1%. Nice job boy king.

just go back to no State income tax....companies would move here and we would not be loosing people moving out of State....

Wow another case of trying to buy votes is determined to be Embarrassing for this governor. What else is new?

There was a Crooked man, who walked a crooked walk, had a crooked smile and talked a crooked talk !!!!!!!!!!

So that is your answer how?

Thanks for proving my point

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The surplus is great news

Whats the matter Nathan,cant handle the truth?

Looks like Nathan Bruttell voted for Dan...

There is no surplus! He was planning to mail out borrowed money to buy a few votes. Dump him and others who use taxpayer money to feather their nests, political or otherwise. Just as stupid as his republican predecessor.