Greenwich's Higbie Receives Support For Congressional Campaign

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Greenwich's Carl Higbie is receiving local support for his congressional campaign.
Greenwich's Carl Higbie is receiving local support for his congressional campaign. Photo Credit: Carl Higbie via Twitter @CarlHigbie

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Greenwich's Carl Higbie is receiving local support for his bid to be the Republican candidate to run for the 4th Congressional District and challenge U.S. Rep. Jim Himes. 

A number of delegates and leaders from across the Republican community in Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District are backing Higbie’s campaign, according to a press release. Fred Camillo, state representative 151st District in Greenwich; Kieran Ryan, Stamford Republican Town Committee; James Ryan, Stamford Republican Town Committee; Rocky Trungadi, Oxford Republican Town Committee; Mary Anne Marcella, New Canaan Republican Town Committee and Bob MacGuffie, Fairfield Republican Town Committee have joined other local GOP delegates in supporting Higbie’s campaign.

“Carl is a patriot who has demonstrated his love of country through his combat service in the U.S. Navy," said MacGuffie in the release. "He is a constitutional conservative who will draw a principled contrast with the incumbent liberal Jim Himes. We can be sure that the voting for endless deficits, trillions in federal debt, unconstitutional bills and intrusive regulations will cease upon Carl's election to represent us. I wholeheartedly endorse Carl Higbie for the Republican nomination for congress in CT-4.”

Higbie is challenging Dan Debicella for the Republican nomination to challenge Himes, the incumbent.

"Carl is running on a straight-forward platform that includes taking social issues out of the legislative discussion and bringing fiscal responsibility to Congress, to Connecticut’s state government and to the Connecticut Governor’s office," representatives said in the release.

“These local leaders understand what is at stake in this election, and they know our state cannot afford four more years of Jim Himes, Daniel Malloy or more misguided policies.” Higbie said. “My campaign has built momentum from all corners of the state and these latest endorsements reflect the widespread grassroots support I have gained locally.” 

Here is a list of Higbie 2014 endorsements/delegates, according to a press release:

  • Fred Camillo, State Representative, 151st District 
  • Bob MacGuffie, Fairfield RTC
  • Bill Malchisky, Fairfield RTC
  • Konstantine Wells, Greenwich RTC
  • Kevin O'Connor, Greenwich RTC
  • Cort Wrotnowski, Greenwich RTC
  • Roz Nicastro, Greenwich RTC
  • Mary Anne Marcella, New Canaan RTC
  • Rocky Trungadi, Oxford RTC
  • Linda Czaplinski, Oxford RTC
  • Eileen Bellacosa, Oxford RTC
  • Kieran Ryan, Stamford RTC
  • James Ryan, Stamford RTC
  • Alan Shaw, Stamford RTC
  • Carroll Allen, Stamford RTC
  • Carola Camman, Stamford RTC
  • Wilm Donath, Stamford RTC
  • Phil Balestriere, Stamford RTC
  • Trish Galloway, Trumbull RTC
  • Gail Jarvis, Trumbull RTC
  • Eileen Bellacosa, Weston
  • Mary Nicholas, Wilton RTC
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Comments (17)

Does not make a difference how many facts you state. The response is always non factual right wing propaganda..Think about that. That is the ONLY response CEO aka Robtard aka Queen knows, and if you look closely he just adds different words, etc and then "agrees". Never a thoughtful response from knowledge, however copy and paste from far right wing blogs without a source. This is a prime example of why we need should never ever vote Republican

Higbie makes more sense than ANY incumbent in Connecticut.

Just because someone serviced in the military does not make them a patriot. It always does not qualify them to be a political leader. It seems this unqualified young man has the typical republican attitude of being entitled.

I agree. Just look at anti-second amendment military men such as Wesley Clark, Colin Powell and John Kerry. And, Higbie is more qualified to be a representative than Obama is to be president. (Obama has shown that).

The anti second amendment group are the true Americans that want to save lives.

The Founding Fathers would disagree with you. You should research their words. It's really not that hard; just google a name with the word "quotes" after it. You'll be amazed at how much you could learn about their ideals of what American personal liberty should be.

1% G.D.P. last quarter Powers.The boy king is doing such a great job.I guess he learned many skills as a "community organizer".Never had a real job though,and its painfully obvious.

Actually the gdp was up 2 percent last quarter

Carl Higbie IS a patriot; unlike big government citizen controlling Himes. This country needs more intelligent and constitutionally minded representatives like Carl. Get rid of the RINO's too. Finally, a man that wants to fight for a future with conservative principles to benefit todays children. Visit Carl Higbie's website.

The Democrats have just finished repairing the damage created by the Republicans on both a state and national level. The last thing Ct or the nation needs is to go back to the failed policies of the Republicans

We all have his back. The democrats have failed and are losing seats. They cannot fix anything, and they think they can spend their way out of everything but (most) people are not falling for the lies and BS.

Now I could understand, if I was given handouts for everything I would certainly support the people that give me other peoples money, but I am just tired of paying more in taxes to support others.

Thanks CEO for pointing out the fact that under a Democrat we have a surplus, even if it did shrink a bit. Also let us not forget the huge budget shortage he inherited from past Republican Governors. I would take a surplus any day.. Great post CEO..

Hartford — The state's projected $505 million surplus for this year is now estimated to be several hundreds of millions of dollars less than expected.

This means taxpayers will no longer receive tax rebates of $55 to $110 and the state will not make an additional $100 million contribution to employee pension funds.

The budget proposals for the fiscal year that begins July 1 are going to be tweaked over the next eight days because both the Appropriations Committee's and the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee's proposals relied on the $505 million surplus and increasing revenue returns to help fund the 2014-15 budget.

"It's clear that we are going to have enough money to do our priorities, which is additional funding in education and additional funding for job creation," said Gov. Dannel P. Malloy. "What we are not going to be able to do is everything that we wanted to do."

People that have 21st century skills are doing fantastic. It's the ones that lack any education for the 21st century that complain.
These individuals should use their time getting an education instead of complaining.

"We can be sure that the voting for endless deficits, trillions in federal debt, unconstitutional bills and intrusive regulations will cease"


6 years, and things are worse. Be sure to vote people, we wanted change. We wanted it for the better, not for the worse!

The last thing Ct or this country needs is a Republican. We are just getting out of the mess they created.