Greenwich Native, Ex-Navy SEAL Carl Higbie Launches Congressional Campaign

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Carl Higbie is seeking the Republican nomination in Connecticut's 4th Congressional District.
Carl Higbie is seeking the Republican nomination in Connecticut's 4th Congressional District. Photo Credit: Carl Higbie via Twitter @CarlHigbie
Higbie is the author of 'Battle on the Home Front: A Navy Seal's Mission to Save the American Dream.'
Higbie is the author of 'Battle on the Home Front: A Navy Seal's Mission to Save the American Dream.' Photo Credit: Amazon

GREENWICH, Conn. -- A retired Navy SEAL from Greenwich is looking to take on a new battle -- this time a political one. 

Greenwich native Carl Higbie, 30, is seeking the Republican nomination to run for the seat in Connecticut's 4th Congressional District, which is held by U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, a Democrat. 

The 4th District extends from Bridgeport, the largest city in the state, to Greenwich and includes Stamford, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Wilton, Weston, Easton, Ridgefield, Redding, Westport and Fairfield. 

Higbie is an Iraq War veteran and author of a book on the topic, "Battle on the Home Front: A Navy SEAL's Mission to Save the American Dream."

"While I was in the Navy, I published my first book, 'Battle On the Home Front' to point out our country's shortcomings and to provide a plan what we need to do to make America a better place, both today and for future generations, and it cost me my career in the Navy," Higbie said in a statement. 

"So I'm taking a stand. This campaign is about solutions and doing what is right and sound for the country and my district, not money and propaganda. I am on a mission to make a difference."

As he enters the race, Higbie points out many differences he has with Himes, who has held the seat since 2008.

"The government has done nothing to turn things around or stop job losses in the district. Jim Himes claims he is 'helping the economy,' but has done very little in real terms," Higbie said.

Another candidate seeking the Republican nomination is Dan Debicella, a former state senator from Shelton. 

"There's little difference between Debicella and Himes," Higbie said in a statement. "I stand for a break from what these career politicians and their agendas embody and will champion what is right for CT-4."

Higbie puts forth jobs creation and business growth as top priorities. "Government red tape and regulations are stifling business and job growth in this district. I say: if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem," he said in a statement. "Himes is part of the problem. He offers no tangible plan or 'solutions,' while I make my positions crystal clear."

Here are Higbie's positions on some issues:

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act;
  • Balance the federal budget;
  • Reduce business taxes and create a flat individual income tax;
  • Get rid of excess government agencies and workers; and
  • Create incentives to start new businesses.

Higbie, who grew up in Greenwich, saw dozens of combat missions as a Navy SEAL. Learn more about his candidacy at his website

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Comments (18)

We will destroy the Republican filth in 2014 like we do every year.

Yea,2001 was a great year for the war criminal commie ,eh Bush?
Robby Rob the Robtard

Yea,2010 was a great year for you commies,eh Socrates?

What difference does it make carpet bag lady is still taken seriously same age this guy was helping win a war she was defending Black Panthers I take him seriously by his experience and courage a lot more than well connected losers

Surprised he's no 90 like most Republicans

Yes BClinton
I agree that most Republicans are 90 year old has beens

Seems like a good enough kid and I wish him luck but how does anyone think they can win a congressional seat without any constituency experience? I'd be much more likely to vote for him if he was running for a local seat, maybe a state seat.

I'm afraid he'll learn the hard way that politics is a difficult game if you aim too high too early.

Why would anyone vote for a republican after all the destruction they caused. This kid is just using the veteran card for this stunt.

Its nice to see ten year olds so interested in politics,even when they are so misguided like BCJ,but I guess that's the way they teach kids in the public school system these days,right BCJ?

Republicans destroy and destroy

And we will destroy the Democrats in 2014.

Should be we will destroy destroy the Republicans in 2014.
Thanks QUEEN RObtard

Good luck Carl we are drowing in Himes ignorance,his team in Norwalk are the three stooges Duff Perone and Morris.Himes stint with Homeland security has left our emergency repsonders without tools in the tools box.Smoking mirrors and grants shower us all leaving a sticky film of payback when its our money and pleas for help.

Jim has failed us thinking when he ran his State reps would be able to deliver needs in the district all has come of it is fund raisers asking for more money,it was suppose to be us getting the money and receiving a fair shake.

I know you have heard this in the past promise us nothing deliver us something and we will bring up the rear and meet you on solid ground.Be the American you are and leave the politics to those who think a handshake and a smile will bring votes.We were lied to,concern was only for the time spent patronizing and working the room,the real work was in washington while Jim was here grasping for straws.

This is grant season watch what gets passed out and if it was priorities that were met or just pie in the sky grants that made no sense at all.

Jim got Norwalk a free fire boat that has cost the city so far almost a $100,000 grand.What was free?

I am very impressed with his positions on issues. Just imagine all of those unemployed Federal employees?
Let the howls begin.

I think he is right in comparing Debicella and Himes.

Higbie has heart, I agree with his platform and am glad it is well articulated. The confused and shadowy rhetoric from the career politicos has worn thin and exposed their duplicity.

I will support and contribute to Mr. Higbie's election. His success will mean a better state and a better nation.

Like you said in the past never vote republican

It's great to see veterans running for office. Too many of our politicians lack perspective on the military. I wish Carl Higbie the best of luck.

Attn Editor: Retired? At 30? Unless he was medically retired (which he may be), you need to fix your editing.

Endangered Species candidate.
Not a replay of the Shays Daze....
AIDS free, unlike McKinney....
An actual solider worthy of praise un like our Senior Senator war fraudster
or another MurphyHimes lockstep Party first reelection addicts party....
A plain speaking, intelligent, heartfelt real Townie who will represent our Town proudly and help lead the rest of the District out of the Californication of Connecticut by derailing it.
Endangered Species can make it back once freed of the toxic mix of pork emissions from DC, "policy First" pitiful navigation charts and realization by the poorest among us can succeed by acting real with a sense of heart, place and purpose.
His election will take the REAL LEADER off the Endangered Species List & put the RINOs, WHINOs and DumbDems on the list where they should be.