Fred Camillo Wins Re-Election In Greenwich's 151st District

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Fred Camillo will serve as the 151st District's State Representative for a third term.
Fred Camillo will serve as the 151st District's State Representative for a third term. Photo Credit: Contributed

GREENWICH, Conn. – Update 11 a.m.: Absentee ballots have been counted in Greenwich and all vote totals are now official. Absentee votes did not change the outcome of Rep. Fred Camillo's victory.

Rep. Camillo added 714 absentee votes to his total, while his Democratic challenger, David Rafferty, added 487 absentee votes to his final count.


Republican Fred Camillo won his third term as a state representative for Greenwich's 151st House District by defeating Demcorat David Rafferty on Tuesday, according to unofficial results from the Greenwich Registrar of Voters.

Camillo topped his opponent by 6,599 votes to 3,262. Absentee ballots have yet to be counted and are not reflected in the final numbers. About 3,000 absentee ballots across the 19 voting districts in Greenwich will be added to the final tally on Wednesday.

Camillo said "high state taxes" and "traffic congestion" were the biggest issues facing his district.

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Traffic congestion merits (on the Merritt and elsewhere) top priority. Consider a regional transportation plan to complement long overdue Bridgeport redevelopment. Metro Rail is inadequate in terms of providing Gold Coast regional service. An "atypical" monorail running down the center of 95 could provide a viable solution. However, it must a component of a large-scale regional land-use/transportation model. Bridgeport could become a vital urban hub that could eclipse Stamford and decrease dependancy on NY-bound Metro Rail commutes. I have mentioned this prospect to Scott Frantz and he agrees wholeheartedly.