Connecticut Senator Urges First Gas Tax Hike In 20 Years

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U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy proposed a hike in the gas tax to help fund the Highway Trust Fund.
U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy proposed a hike in the gas tax to help fund the Highway Trust Fund. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) has proposed the first increase in the federal gas tax since 1993, according to 

The bipartisan bill proposed by Murphy and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) on Wednesday would increase the gas tax 12 cents over the next two years to help cover the shortfall in the Highway Trust Fund, reported. 

“We’re losing hundreds of millions of dollars in economic productivity because we’re failing to invest in our nation’s roadway and rails,” Murphy told “You’re not going to find, virtually, any member of Congress who is proposing to spend less money on infrastructure over the next 10 years.”

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Comments (7)

Americans enjoy the cheapest gas of any industrialized nation. Gasoline was $9.79 two months ago in Norway, Europe's largest oil EXPORTER. Raising the federal gas tax is long past due - americans will pay more, or drive less, or choose more fuel efficient transportation. Thanks, Chris Murphy, for having the cajones to move this forward.

Jim E -- I guess you're fine with increasing the federal gasoline tax, but you just don't like Chris Murphy?

As,you can see,I,lack,an,education.
Thanks the queen

jlevin,I thought all of you lefties were for the "little guy"? How is raising the gas tax going to help some minimum wage earner,driving to the fast food chain where he works?You rich liberals talk out of both sides of your mouths.No,higher gas prices wont hurt you,you can afford it.What hypocrisy.

It's Funny Murphy Talks about raising Taxes when He neglects to pay his.
He talks about lack of Money How much does he Make??
He talks about doing something but all he does is TALK>
With all his BS , and his public comments when does he have time to do his job???
Murphy's Law---- BS a Lot, do Little or NOT !!!!