Biden Urges Action At Danbury Gun Violence Conference

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Vice President Joe Biden was in Danbury Thursday to deliver the keynote address at a gun violence conference at WestConn.
Vice President Joe Biden was in Danbury Thursday to deliver the keynote address at a gun violence conference at WestConn. Photo Credit: Flickr user richiec

DANBURY, Conn. – Vice President Joe Biden challenged politicians to enact gun laws to reduce violence and accused gun control opponents of "looking for roadblocks" rather than answers in a speech Thursday in Danbury.

Biden's comments were part of his keynote address at a gun violence conference at Western Connecticut State University.

"We have to speak for those 20 beautiful children who died 69 days ago, 12 miles from here," Biden said to the audience, which included Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, Gov. Dannel Malloy, Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy and U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty among the crowd of a few hundred, according to the Hartford Courant

Before he took the stage, Biden met with two families whose children were killed Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, according to The New York Times, and he shared his story of losing his wife and daughter in a car accident in 1972. 

"What I say to my colleagues who will watch this and listen to this, I say to you, if you are concerned about your political survival, you should be concerned about the survival of our children," he told the crowd. "There's a moral price to be paid for inaction."

Other speakers included U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, who shared his experience with gun violence growing up on the South Side of Chicago and running the city’s school system, where a student was lost to gun violence every two weeks.

"We know we can't save every single life," Biden said, but added that passing gun control measures will mean fewer children die from gun violence.

Earlier in the conference, Murphy stressed the importance of change at the federal level.

"The policy changes that we talk about here today are incredibly important," he said. "The most important of those changes are those at the national level."

Malloy also introduced a package of gun control measures at the conference, aimed at implementing new laws to reduce gun violence and strengthening the enforcement of existing laws. 

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Comments (40)

very simply put laws are made for law abiding citizens...people who intend to commit a crime dont care about laws therefore any law created to protect people are philsophically flawed to achieve any goal. you cant stop crazy no matter what you do. Presidents have been assasinated with full secret service protection arent there laws against murder threats to presidents etc so why does it happen anyway...

Ponytail Steve
John real
Jim T
Are all the same troll

Ahem, you skipped one :) Wait, two, didn't sleep too well last night and haven't had enough coffee. Ok, Mr. Nelson and Tim T, otherwise the list is complete and I'd say, it's about time someone called attention to this! Thank you for doing so, Norwalk Truth. I'd offer to buy you a cup of coffee, but I don't know who you are :) Thanks just the same, b/c it's awfully tough to have a sane conversation w/o this individual being so disruptive. I don't know about you, but we've got an awful lot of important things in front of our legislators, that need input from us, the voters minus the nastiness if this country's to move forward. It begins on a town by town basis, too. In many cases, this is accomplished through social media & the exchange of ideas, not slap downs.

It seems to me that John real has mental health issues with his obsession of weapons of mass destruction

Such a shame how the filthy Republicans support the killing innocent children in Newtown to further their own agenda

Such a shame how the anti gun rights groups use the killing innocent children in Newtown to further their own agenda

Biden urges people to buy shotguns. For once I agree with the dummy. And later on you should upgrade to AR-15, easier to use, and less recoil. That's why women, including my wife, prefer an AR-15 than a handgun. I personally like my .40 SW handgun. JHP, not FMJ.

My buddy makes fun of P95, its a 9mm. He does have one 40, that feels great and perfect for me. The others, even the 1911 has handles I am not as comfortable with for some reason. I shot plenty of AR15's. By far one the most exciting rifles to own. I was trained in the Military, cutting off blood flow with the strap while laying down for a perfect shot. Now they are $1300 for a new one, that's crazy!
The shotgun is the best. One click, EVERYONE knows that sound!
My next handgun will be a 40 for sure. They are way over priced now, thanks to idiot Obama.
Do you shoot in Bridgeport, Norwalk or Danbury? There is a cheap place somewhere in New Milford I think.

Thanks for the heads up jrey.
I also seen that yesterday

HI TIM, another user name?

Timmy, what a weirdo.


Timmy, there's no virus. The only virus is in your brain.

Classic scared Liberal. The truth is something they HATE!


PDF's can't have viruses, nor can youtube links. Enough with the false virus talk.

Biden, the puppet...

The original version is available at the link below & is now 6.1

I guess ponytail Steve forgot about the slaughter in Newtown

Biden being a jerk off is not related to the Newtown Shooting buddy.
Why do some people like to use the suffering of children to promote an agenda? Or in this case as an insult?

The out of control violent crime in Bridgeport and Norwalk proves the need for gun control

Just like in Chicago, where gun control works great. Right, Timmy?

you make some very intelligent an excellent points

Praising yourself again, Timmy?

Joe Biden was caught on camera in Washington saying that new gun control laws will not prevent another mass shooting or lower the number of gun deaths. Yet the President and Biden are telling us that we MUST pass gun control even if it saves just one life.

Ken P., and others. I again wonder why you are so concerned with self defense. Have you been a crime victim? If so, I understand. If not, why be so fearful? Statistics show that except for specific high crime areas which you can avoid visiting, violent crime in Fairfield County is not signficant.

Timmy, why do people lock their doors? Why do people have ADT installed in their homes? Why, Timmy? Why? Why?

"violent crime in Fairfield County is not signficant."

So why the need for gun control?

"We know we can't save every single life," Biden said, but added that passing gun control measures will mean fewer children die from gun violence. -- Just how can he prove this? If he says it enough it becomes fact? This is all about control. Control of law abiding citizens, plain and simple. He will have zero impact on the deaths of children with gun control. He should try focusing on violent video games instead.

Repeal the second amendment

So thoughtful, Timmy.

Do you have a factual, rational explanation for why that should happen? Any supporting evidence for how it might be effective? Since you are suggesting undoing one of the tenants the country that you live in was founded on, you need to do more than simply say "repeal the 2nd Amendment."

Please do not bring up England as it is considered the most violent country in the EU with assault, home invasions and robbery rampant. Similar issues with Australia. Please provide evidence for how a repeal of the 2nd Amendment would prevent criminals and madmen from killing whoever they wish with whatever weapon they wish.

THANK YOU! Thats what I am saying? The higher ups KNOW this will do nothing, yet they continue to push for it.

Its not a gaffe, its the truth. The National Institute of Justice released a gun policy memo on 1/4/13 that finally leaked out. Here's a couple quotes:

"Fatalities from mass shootings (those with 4 or more victims in a particular place and time) account on average for 35 fatalities per year. Policies that address the larger firearm homicide issue will have a far greater impact even if they do not address the particular issues of mass shootings."

"Assault weapons are not a major contributor to gun crime... Therefore a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides."

If, as VP Biden says in the video, none of the legislation will stop mass shootings, or reduce gun deaths by 1000 per year, why bother? Am surprised this video did not get more attention from the media.

We now know that Newtown occurred because Ms. Lanza, a law-abiding gun owner, left her weapons unsecured and available to someone who was seriously mentally ill. Wouldn't sensible legislation in response to the tragedy include provisions encouraging lawful gun owners to secure their weapons? State Rep. Scott Frantz (Greenwich) has introduced such a bill. While I have not read it, Rep. Frantz's is the only legislative proposal that comes anywhere close to addressing the root cause of the Newtown massacre.

How does that get enforced? I believe most gun owners are already encouraged to secure their weapons - how is legislation going to make sure that happens?

Thing is Witherspoon, these people are NOT really trying to prevent anything at all, nor reduce crime. They were waiting like vultures for the right moment to monopolize on a tragedy & push their long standing agenda. Biden cant be stupid, but he MUST view Americans as being very much so. As you noted NOTHING he mentions would have saved those 20 children, though he uses them as a ploy. No, its very obvious that he simply supports anything his President supports & being from Chicago & an ex Illinois senator, Obama cant help but be anti civil rights in this context. Its how he was raised. One would think the irony of the city with the most stringent gun control being also the murder capitol would dawn on him, but it doesnt, or he doesnt care. His ambition is & has been the dismantling of our system to the degree that he can manipulate things as he wishes. Everything about the man screams "us against them". Thats fine when you are a community organizer, but not so good in a President. If you arent familiar with Saul Alinski you should look into him. He was a devout Marxist & Obama was a student of his works. Going so far as to teach college courses on the subject. Alinski wrote a book called Rules for radicals and its a playbook for Obamas life in public office. One important part is for him to make the other guys look radical, but who here is supporting the neutering of one of our basic civil rights? If a President advocating violating the Constitution isnt radical nothing is.

Anyway I'd agree that legislation requireing guns be locked up is at least rational. Rational but I'm not convinced it would have mattered. First reason is, since guns are used for defense the law would have to allow for an acessable defensive gun. Even if all the others were locked up a nutter could, if he got his hands on it, use the defensive gun to persuade the owner to open the safe. Even if ALL of them had to be locked up its naive to think that he couldnt use another weapon, knife, bat, hammer, you name it, to persuade them to open the safe.
Plus we can only guess how many crimes will succeed that would have been cut short had the victim been able to access his gun.
Things like Newtown grab our attention in a big way. They overshadow reality. The reality is that gun crime, like all violent crime, is & has been going steadilly down for years now. Obviously 2012 will have more, but in 2011 in CT exactly ONE person was murdered with a rifle.

The root cause of Newtowns tragedy was not that Nancy Lanza screwed up, it wasnt that her kid played violent video games and decided to take it to the next level. The root cause is an overall aversion to taking self defense seriously and allowing our legislature to pass into law laws PREVENTING people from not only protecting themselves, but protecting our children. Now I know somebody is going to say an armed person might have made things worse. But I challenge anybody making such an assertion to provide us with even a single case where an armed person who took action against a person like Lanza, or Holmes, or the VT guy, or the kids in Columbine, and killed dozens of people by accident.
I can provide links to many cases where an armed citizen stopped a would be Adam Lanza cold, it happens with boreing regularity. But I'v never come across one where that citizen shot innocents by accident.

If we want these to stop we need to let people stop them. Very simple concept.

Your post is so delusional its actually scary. Please tell me it is meant to be a joke as no one can be that stupid.

Great post, Ken. You should run for, something. Consider it. I'm not being sarcastic, either.

We don't need our rights taken away, we need the individuals who need the help to get better treatment, or in this case, any treatment. We don't need to have those programs have their funding cut. You're correct in that if those guns had been properly secured, this tragedy wouldn't have happened. You're also correct in stating that this is being held up as a the "event" to alter our rights. More young people die on the streets of Bridgeport per year due to the usage of hand guns, but Obama and Biden aren't giving speeches about them, or attending their funerals. Wonder why. Guess they're aren't as important, nor are the kids of Chicago, or LA. By no means am I lessening the horror of Newtown; I'm not, but let's please not forget the teens who die each and every day across this country and it's not by means of a rifle. These laws won't change those numbers one iota; criminals won't line up for background checks, or gun permits. And they certainly aren't concerned w/ safe storage, so how does Obama intend to change that particular element.