5 Questions With Greenwich House Candidate John Blankley

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Democratic challenger John Blankley is running for the State House of Representatives in the 149th District, which covers western and northern Greenwich and north Stamford. Photo Credit: Contributed

GREENWICH, Conn. – The Greenwich Daily Voice sent five questions to each of the candidates running for state office this fall. The following responses are from John Blankley, a Democratic challenger running for the state representative seat in the 149th House District, which includes western and northern Greenwich and northern Stamford.

Blankley, 65, is a small business owner who has lived in Greenwich for the past 30 years. He has a wife of 43 years and three children.

A former member of the 10th District of Greenwich's Representative Town Meeting, Blankley ran for first selectman last year. He is also a member of the St. Andrews Society of the state of New York.

Blankley is challenging six-term Republican state Rep. Livvy Floren.

1) What are the biggest issues facing your district?

As everywhere, it is job creation, infrastructure renewal and education.

2)  As a challenger, what would you do differently than the previous office-holder?

I would not have voted against the gay marriage bill, I would not have introduced a bill requiring photo ID, and I would have voted for the governor’s budget.

3) Is Connecticut going in the right or wrong direction?

The state is going in the right direction following the governor’s budget, but it is still facing the challenges of high debt and unfunded pension liabilities.

4) What would you do to involve your constituents in your decision-making process?

Regular local association meetings. Voter outreach through regular mailings and questionnaires.

5) Why should people vote for you? 

Our state’s problems are financial and economic: the debt burden and the need for job creation. My business experience of over 45 years, dealing with large budgets in my corporate career and job creation in my private company, gives me unique skills, unmatched by my opponent, to address the issues and to find solutions.

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