Norwalk Police, SWAT Team Search Train For Bombing Suspect

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Norwalk police officers from the SWAT team searched an Amtrak train at the East Norwalk Railroad Station Friday for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. He was not found. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch
Norwalk police at the East Norwalk Railroad Station Friday during the search for Boston Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk, State and Metro-North police, in addition to a team of Special Weapons and Tactics officers and the Stamford Police Bomb Squad, converged on the East Norwalk Railroad Station Friday morning, halting train service to search for the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect who has so far eluded capture.

Details of the search were not immediately available, but the suspect, identified as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was not on the train.

According to Norwalk Police Lt. Praveen John, Boston police contacted Norwalk requesting that they search the Amtrak train that left the city Friday morning. All public transportation has been shut down in the Boston area while the search for Tsarnaev continued.

Passengers on the Amtrak train were evacuated and could be seen milling around the station Friday morning awaiting word that they would be allowed back on the train.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, Dzhokhar’s brother and the other suspect in Monday’s bombing, was killed early Friday during a shoot out with police in Watertown, Mass. outside of Boston.

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Comments (24)


Hey, Spoon, long time, no hear. Hope you had a good Easter and all is well with you and yours. The tulips are up and blooming and I just bought tomato plants. Yee-haw. Spring is here.

As to why I even bother to respond on the NDV, I guess this person/people has nothing better to do than tear people down and spew profanity. I've never been one to sit by when someone is unfairly attacking others. Perception is often mistaken for reality in this day and age.

I don't view it as wrestling with a pig, though that is an interesting analogy. I see it more like playing Whack-A-Mole. He/she/it posts some outrageous comment, I counter with facts and then he/she/it calls me names. No doubt he/she/it feels like they got the last word, but he/she/it just ended up showing what they are made of. Hopefully the people out there reading this can figure out that he/she/it has nothing positive to contribute to any issue. And conversely, it says a great deal when he/she/it endorses something, like a political candidate or a legislative issue. I know that he/she/it thinks they are amazingly clever and witty, but the words trite and shallow come to mind.

Hey, take care. I've got to run. Not to worry, .megajunk (so well named) will be along shortly to post something derogatory, I'm sure.


Oh, look, it's the deargamadán!


A lot of experts on police procedure here. The chief should recruit of few of these guys to show him how a real police dept is run. Can't help wondering why this group is so negative about police. Could it be they have all had negative experience with police ? Maybe we should go back to the way the police dept in Mayberry was run to keep these experts happy. First, one of them has to get a law passed limiting the type of criminals allowed in Norwalk.


Old Timer - Most of us don't even bother to answer these posts since they are basically conversations held by one person talking to himself.

The perception is that the police should be psychic and prevent crime from happening, but I could just hear the hue and cry if the officers walked up to someone one day and arrested him for a crime he was about to commit. Pointing out that the officers respond to crime doesn't work with these people/person. When the officers do solve a crime, this party always gives the credit to someone else - anyone else. Kind of sad, really, when you think about it.


Never said that I was an expert. I do a fair amount of research on issues, that's all.

Mary Jane Nelson:

tell you what old Timer I would take Barney from Mayberry over the NPD as Barney would be a step up.


Old Timer
Did you ever stop and think maybe because the Norwalk Police Department is a complete and total failure. They have failed miserably at preventing or solving crimes and they only focuses how how much overtime they can take for the taxpayers.

Jim J:

Funny best laugh I had in days.
"Norwalk Police, SWAT Team Search Train For Bombing Suspect"
The Norwalk police could not search their way out of a Dunkin Donuts bag.

Irish Girl:

This is just a publicity stunt by the NPD so people can actually think they are doing something.


Exactly. A chance to put on Ninja suits and run around, looking like NCIS woman commandos; yell "GO GO GO" when the train door opens,run in waving weapons citizens can't have; and knock some old lady out of her walker. Then it's down to the donut store and back to the "Command Center" to put in the overtime sheets. I'd like to know how the second mutt got away from the Ninjas, in Mass., in a bullet- riddled car, after they had killed the other mutt. More fun, and overtime, to lock down the whole city of Boston on a work and school day. When can we send checks to the police union? What's that, you say? Spent it all on the Newtown police union to pay for cops who are traumatized and can't work?

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