Norwalk Police: Latest Suspicious Van Report Ruled False Alarm

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Suspicious activity can be reported to the Norwalk Police tip line at 203-854-3111
Suspicious activity can be reported to the Norwalk Police tip line at 203-854-3111 Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. – The most recent report of a suspicious van appearing near Norwalk school children was ruled a false alarm Wednesday, according to police reports.

A Silvermine Elementary School parent noticed a blue van behind a bus from the school as it dropped off children Wednesday afternoon. The bus driver reportedly told the parent and students on the bus that she felt the van was deliberately following children on the bus, police said.

The parent called police and provided officers with a photo of the van’s license plate. Police investigated the incident to see whether there was any connection with other reports of a man in a blue van following students in Norwalk and other nearby towns, police said.

Investigators went to the address on the car’s registration and found a white male in his 50s, who did not match previous descriptions of the driver in the other suspicious incidents, according to police reports. Police believe the man was coincidentally behind the bus and there was no suspicious activity, Norwalk Police said in a press release.

Police ask students and parents to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity to police. In particular, they ask those making reports to provide as much detail to investigators as possible, including specific descriptions of any vehicles or people involved. Identifying details, such as sex, age, race and distinguishing speech patterns or marks are especially helpful, police said.

“We remind students and parents that after assuring your physical safety, that the best way to help is being a good witness,” Lt. Paul Resnick said in a press release.

Witnesses can submit information to the Norwalk Police tip line at 203-854-3111 or via the Norwalk Police website.

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Comments (2)

So now the failures of the Norwalk Police Department are harassing anyone in a white van.. Surprised they didn't taser him.

This is progress the police are talking to the press.Report as soon as possible would be a suggestion and rule of thumb with some suspects they don't change shoes but they do clothes.

One year they had a sex offender living at a bus stop that was found by the parents where trouble was brewing,they still have site you can check your childs bus stop?

Thank you Dailyvoice for keeping us informed.