Letter: Greenwich Natives Face Stereotypes Out Of Town

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To the editor:

One word can change a person’s opinion of you and the one word I witnessed repeatedly is, "Greenwich.”

It’s always disappointing meeting someone and as soon as you tell him or her where you’re from, seeing his or her face transform giving you a look full of judgment.

When you ask what a person pictures when they imagine Greenwich most responded with mansions, palaces, and wealth. It is true that many parts of Greenwich are wealthy, but Greenwich is a huge town and there are areas that wouldn't fit the stereotype at all.

It was ranked number one in "100 Best Places To Live In The United States," by CNN/ Money in 2005 and ranked as number one in "The Biggest Earner" category in Money Magazine in 2006.

With titles like that people begin to make assumptions and create stereotypes about the town and the people in it.

Assumptions labeling the young residents of this town as 'preppy snobs,' who are given everything by their parents and think they’re better than everyone is not only insulting, but also unearned.

Sure, there are some people that the stereotypes are spot on about, but a select number of people aren’t an entire town. You can find a person with any sort of
label in every town and it is unfair to generalize the entire town of Greenwich.

Its really pathetic how much a generalization of anything can create peoples opinions of you before
they even get to know you. Its disappointing how a persons opinion can be made up about something/ someone before the persons even able to experience it for themselves.

This is a huge problem with society and everyone should be able to become more open-minded towards others instead of being brainwashed by others ideas.

Paulina Jarosz


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