WFSB Returns To Cablevision Lineup In Greenwich

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WFSB is back on Cablevision Optimum TV in lower Fairfield County.
WFSB is back on Cablevision Optimum TV in lower Fairfield County. Photo Credit: File

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- WFSB-TV and Cablevision Optimum TV have reached an agreement to return the CBS affiliate in Connecticut to the cable lineup for customers in Fairfield County. 

"WFSB Channel 3 is happy to announce that a deal has been reached with Cablevision Optimum TV," a statement from WFSB said. "WFSB has been restored for Cablevision Optimum customers.

"We at WFSB understand this was a frustrating circumstance for our viewers that are Cablevision customers and we thank you for your overwhelming support during this matter."

WFSB was pulled from the lineup earlier this month in a payment dispute between the two companies. Subscribers in Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Stamford, Weston, Westport and Wilton lost the Connecticut affiliate but continued to receive CBS programs on WCBS-TV from New York City. 

This resulted in the loss of WFSB programming, including news, and some regional sports events. 

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Comments (5)

News 12 your hyper local 30 min loop they change every12 hours, is absolutely useless. If there are cancelations the banned portion of the screen goes blank for 3 4 minutes for commercials. It's hotel room commercial / news..

I'm glad they are back. Ch 2 does not come in well and is useless to me. I have called cablevision countless times as they reset the box, then 5 mins later it's all screwy again.

Cablevision charges plenty for these channels and I want to be able to watch what I am paying for. Especially, when I can't even get channel 2, which I'm paying for, as well. They never reduce their pricing when issues not under your control happen. So, this is an important one due to their sucky service. Plus, I agree that ch 12 is a joke.

It may help Norwalk in regards to news,Rt 95 was Northbound was closed for over an hour the other night a horrendus accident and nothing on 12 yet everyone else had it.Honestly 12 could run reuns of the same news all week and no one would catch it if not for the weather.

Well I missed them and am very happy they are back...

You were not missed ! I'll still be watching the football game directly from CBS Sports for it's better screen resolution and when they go to commercial the volume doesn't Blare!

Anything else you want from WFSB you can get from their live feeds anyway.