Greenwich Rep. To Speak At Westport Gun Violence Forum

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WESTPORT, Conn. – U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, who represents most of Fairfield County in the 4th Congressional District, will be among the special guest speakers at a gun violence forum Sunday hosted by the Social Action Committee of Westport’s Temple Israel.

At the 2 p.m. forum, community members will hear about national, state and local responses to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Attendees will also have the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Other special guest speakers will include state Reps. Jonathan Steinberg (D-Westport), Kim Fawcett (D-Fairfield) and Gerald Fox (D-Stamford); state Sens. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) and Beth Bye (D-West Hartford);  Westport First Selectman Gordon Joseloff; Weston First Selectman Gayle Weinstein; Mike Lawlor of the Connecticut Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division; and Lisa Labella, vice president of Connecticut Against Gun Violence.

A question-and-answer session will follow the speakers. For more information about the forum, call Temple Israel at 203-227-1293 or email

Temple Israel is at 14 Coleytown Road, Westport.

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Comments (4)

Keep voting Democrat & we will keep getting exactly what we have been getting.

This shooting is primarily the result of ignoring mental health issue & gun control. Every single legislator that will be there gets to work in Hartford in gun free zones protected by.... guns. But our kids just arent that important.

These hearings SHOULD be important, but theyre not, because they dont want to listen to us, thats clear. They are just going thru the paces. Its disgusting.

Not only did they get rid of the death penalty, they voted to release violent people EARLY. Wonderful bunch, dont execute murderers, just release them early instead & then make it harder for us to protect ourselves from the people THEY let walk among us.

some how it all seems useless having Jim anywhere nowadays.He came to Norwalk seeking support seeking votes he got them yet Norwalk got nothing in return when it came to gun voilence./

Jims own words were getting grants is his job how Norwalk spends them is there business./a Democrat handing money to a Republican Mayor doesn,t work Jim.

Shots are fired all the time in Bridgeport Norwalk and Stamford they are handguns its been documented that way.This pony show Jim continues into his term will ony hurt him.

If he took the time to at least reconize the problems before this tragic shooting we could all feel better with the task at hand.But he failed to work with us in Norwalk him and Bob Duff need to be kicked to the curb.

You ned facts to combat anything crime and guns in our area has been documented for years we need leadership I'[m willing to bet no report coming to jims table will say replace the Tom Norwalks top man in command.

Jim is useless but by using such drama on a already tragic event has become old.We deserve some action not this political crap.

Bob Duffs voting reccord has now surficed,he himself on crime is not getting the message,lets help Jim and Bob out next election let them feel unwanted maybe they will go away./

I'm not suggesting any one party host our new poiliticians just get rid of the ones we have now they have cost us money and lives who would vote against the death penality now?>