Weston Rehires Mike Hvizdo As Basketball Coach

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Photo Credit: Tom Renner, File

WESTON, Conn. - Mike Hvizdo was rehired as Weston High School's basketball coach Friday afternoon, the school district announced. 

Hvizdo resigned Feb. 7 after school officials learned about a racy short-film the coach appeared in years before he was hired at the school. Hvizdo had received strong support from students and parents over the last several weeks. 

Hvizdo defended the film on "Good Morning America" Friday morning. 

Here is the statement from Weston Public Schools sent Friday afternoon: 

"Dr. Colleen Palmer, Ms. Lisa Wolak, Mr. Mark Berkowitz, and Mr. Michael Hvizdo are pleased to announce that they have agreed that Mr. Hvizdo will be returning to serve as Head Coach for Varsity Boys Basketball at Weston High School.

"Through further discussion, we have worked through the issues surrounding Mr. Hvizdo’s resignation, which he has been permitted to rescind, and have clarified the district’s expectations concerning his performance. We welcome Mr. Hvizdo back to our coaching staff, and we wish him and the Boys Basketball team every success for the future."

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Comments (11)

I have watched the video and found it hilarious..certainly not something to be ashamed of at all. As for the parent who outed Mike with the full intent to have his name disparaged and cause him to lose his job. I think a defamation law suit should be brought against him. He needs to know that his actions are unacceptable and he needs to have repercussions. The alternative is it will happen again.

right decision albiet LATE should have never gone that far....Westoites you old ones and the new "out of towners" that now live in weston need to THINK about what YOU did when You were younger,Ill bet some of its not fit to print!


@M. Murray: But they didn't admit their mistake. I'd have some respect for them if they had. The statement they issued was mush.

At least te BOE admitted their mistake and took correction. Many would not have the integrity to do so.

Funny how school administrators were willing to go all the way to get rid of this teacher, but never take a stand to do the right thing for a student in need.

Wow - quite a turn of events.
They hid the video and not even the board of ed got to see it which word on the street says is why they caved. That plus the BOE Chairman is spineless and couldn't stand the p.r.

Wow. He must have risen from the dead! That silly woman on TV said he "had been LITERALLY crucified by the school authorities".
Now can we see that video?

Now let's see the ego maniac parent that started this whole mess apologize!

Won't happen, but I'm glad they had enough sense to reinstate the man :) Great coaches are tough to come by and the kids love him!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.