Sen. Blumenthal Wants Metro-North To Report Suspected Train Strikes

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Officials are calling on Metro North to report all train strikes after the body of a woman was found near Westport recently. Photo Credit: The Daily Voice File Photo

WESTPORT, Conn. -- U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and other officials are calling on Metro-North to report any suspected train strikes after a woman's body was discovered in the Sagatuck River in Westport, according to 

Officials say the 46-year-old Maine woman was killed when she struck by a train, but Metro-North officials said employees found no evidence of a strike after stopping and inspecting the train, reported.

Listen to the full report here. 

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Comments (3)


Mr. Blumenthal is a rotten, ineffective, Senator. He has never recovered from being a fairly big fish as AG in Connective to a junior Senator, and there is a major pecking order in that chamber. You will note all issues raised by Senator Blumenthal are typical of an AG, not a US Senator.
Time to move on, sir.


Hes never one to miss an opportunity for publicity. The lady was not where she should be. The train stopped and didn't find anything. No fault for Metro North. Just an opportunity for Mr Blumenthal . Try more important issues.


Connecticut voters are so lucky to have the wise and informed Sen. representing them. Please do not let him move out of state.

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