Ridgefield Mom Whose Son Died In Hot Car Takes Crusade To Time, 'Today'

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Benjamin Seitz of Ridgefield died in a hot car in July. His death has been ruled a homicide, but no charges have been filed.
Benjamin Seitz of Ridgefield died in a hot car in July. His death has been ruled a homicide, but no charges have been filed. Photo Credit: Gift of Ben website

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- Lindsey Rogers-Seitz of Ridgefield, whose son died after he was forgotten in a hot car in July, is pushing for car safety regulations and laws to prevent such deaths in the future.

She took her message on Tuesday to the "Today" show and is also featured in an interview with Time magazine.

Ben's death has been ruled a homicide, but no charges have been filed. His father forgot to drop him off at day care, and the 15-month-old was left in the backseat of a car all day. 

Watch her appearance on the "Today" show here as she tells of missing her son and her quest to prevent future tragedies. Read the Time article here, which includes an interview with Rogers-Seitz and statistics on child deaths in cars and the technology that could possibly prevent future deaths. 

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Comments (8)

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I just read the article, this women is trying to shift blame and account for her husbands stupidity. There are over 300 million people in the US, to have to have technology for the 600 who are too stupid to take their child out of a hot car is beyond ridiculous. Here we go - if its hot and you have a child, don't leave them in the car. Get your head out of your phone, pay attention. Simple, easy and anything after that is criminal negligence.

I find this women very bold to blame car companies for this. She mentions GM as knowing about the issue. She has to be kidding and must have some issues herself. Point blank the Husband is to blame period. But this women and i am willing to bet will get the government to hound the car makers and force legislation on them and the consumer who in the end will pay for this, This person in my view is a disgrace. And her husband is no better. How in the world could someone forget there kid in a car. Something no one can tell me differently is not the parents fault. Maybe Malloy will pass a law banning cars he is good for this kind of thing and his dem buddies. After all why blame the husband when it is easier to blame an object. He did this with the gun laws. Disgraceful at best. God forgive me but this women is not wrapped to tight in my beliefs. Not withstanding i feel her pain and loss. I agree with JRizzo and all the other posters on this issue. The father must be on a different planet. And the interviewer has some nerve telling her to ignore people commenting on this issue that is clearly a personal error by the father and criminal in nature. So should stoves have sensors to turn off if a baby touches the flame. Total rubbish by this women. Sorry folks she is totally out of control. Just my opinion on this tragedy. Just for the record even if the car companies are made mandatory to install some kind of warning system what about the millions of cars already on the road without the technology.

This is insane, I can't believe the father has not been charged. I know the family must be grieving, however, if it were anywhere else but Ridgefield the parent would have been arrested immediately!!!!!

I can't believe this woman has the nerve to continue to exploit the media outlets. This is neglect and bad parenting. Forget your child in this manner? When you are driving with you baby, why aren't you paying attention? Check your rear view mirror every so often. How about if the baby is sick? Would you even know to help him? How can you be so careless as to make excuses for this behavior.

How do you teach or Install COMMON SENSE ????? or teach Responsibility to Parents??? They bot ought to be in JAIL not on the Today show !!!!! Really !!!!!!! How do you forget you have a kid in the car, and don't each other talk or text each other during the day.. And How come the father drove to Danbury Hospital(Over 10 miles) without never dialing 911 and getting quick aid???? And she is on Today PUSHING FOR NEW LAWS __Really !!!!
Think about that !!!

I agree gardenmom. If you need an alarm to go off to remind you that your kid's in the car, then the issue is w/ you. No technology will cover the lack of attention. Besides, the guy went out to his car for his danged lunch break. Did he require an app for that. This is reckless disregard.

Here's the technology: Pay attention, people! Your baby's in the darned car.