Monday Traffic Jammed Again All Around Fairfield County

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Traffic was jammed again throughout Fairfield County, making for a touch afternoon commute.
Traffic was jammed again throughout Fairfield County, making for a touch afternoon commute. Photo Credit: Screen grab from Connecticut DOT

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Rush hour traffic on Interstate 95 was jammed in both directions on Monday. Similar to Friday’s near-gridlock conditions, traffic was crawling on the Merritt Parkway and Interstate 84 in Danbury also saw congestion.

Traffic was delayed for an unknown period on northbound I-95 between Greenwich and Fairfield, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

Traffic delays also were reported on southbound I-95 between Exits 10 and 2, a distance of 10 miles. An early afternoon accident in Greenwich helped cause the delay later in the afternoon.

Drivers looking to find relief from the Merritt Parkway congestion were out of luck. ConnDot reported delays from Greenwich all the way through Fairfield.

Eastbound traffic along I-84 in Danbury clogged between Exits 3 and 7, and ConnDot expected the delay to last two hours or more.

Motorists coming to Danbury from the Hartford area were clogged up in Waterbury, where a jackknifed tractor-trailer forced two lanes to close at 5:11 p.m. The delay was expected to last four hours or fewer, according to ConnDot.

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I simply believe that people make poor judgements in traffic. If everyone obeyed the rules and were considerate drivers, a large portion of traffic would be minimized.

Could it be simply exponential growth in the number of motor vehicles in the county? Apartments and condos are being constructed in Norwalk and Stamford at a fast clip, and each of these comes with at least two cars.


We should be doing some statistical work to see if this seeming increase in accidents is due to texting. But I am guessing, given how slow the state is in learning new things, there is no way to track this. Anyone in an accident should have to submit their detailed carrier usage reports for that time of day.