Michael Skakel Continues To Pursue Libel Suit Against TV Show Host

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Michael Skakel is pursuing a libel suit against TV personality Nancy Grace for allegedly making false statements about him on her show.

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Michael Skakel, who is on bail awaiting a retrial in the 1975 murder of a Greenwich teen, is suing television personality Nancy Grace for libel, according to the New York Times. 

Skakel's complaint alleges that Grace said his DNA had been found in a tree near the murder scene, but DNA was never admitted into evidence in his first trial, The Times reported. 

A state judge ordered a retrial for Skakel in October, 2013, due to the glaring ineffectiveness of Skakel's original trial attorney. 

Click here to read the full New York Times article. 

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Comments (10)


Just his way of " controlling" public opinion.


Paige: I'm not sure I understand your post. Would you elaborate?

Norwalk Spectator:

For real, Green? Look at Mr. Skakel's name in the headline and compare it to the very first word in the article. I'm sure you can figure it out.


Got it. Michael, not Micheal. Editing skills off a bit tonight. Thanks.

Broad River:

Watching the Pats on CBS?


You might want to re-read your opening sentence.

"Micheal Skakel, who is on bail awaiting a retrial in the 1975 murder"

Broad River:

It's the job of the writer to be accurate and concise, after all it's their livelihood . It shouldn't be the readers task to plough through a plethora of misinformation and typo's in order to discern the facts. Also if enough 3RD graders read these same typo's over and over it will become their inability to properly spell certain words and to take some sentences literally and afford themselves the ability to own incorrect knowledge. Yes, the onus is on the contributor to be accurate, otherwise pay him as if he were a 3Rd grade intern. Small annoyances such as these is what drives readers to reading a competitors rag.
Most often when you call somebody demeaning names it is only because you attack from your fears.
Same as M3 Driver offers nothing about your intent at a moniker. M3 enthusiast is what I imagine you were shooting for. The onus falls on you to aid the reader, otherwise it's as useless as ' package ' store. Smokey the Bear, Less than 12 items, these all lead the reader the need for further investigation.

Broad River:

Good morning Paige. You'll notice that Greg is master of the typo if you follow him for more than a day. ;-) You'll have to give him some latitude though,..Greg Canuel grew up in Bridgeport, and attended school in Fairfield for 13 years, first at Our Lady of Assumption and later at Fairfield Prep. This is his first full-time job, and he's thrilled to be covering Fairfield County. He's a high school grad. I hope you've finally completed your long project.


Hey there, Broad,

Most of the time, I generally look past the typos I see, but when it's the very first word of the document, I can't ignore it. Years ago, at the BOE budget presentation, I opened the budget book and in the first line of the Introduction were two misspelled words. I couldn't believe my eyes.

The main project is basically done, but there are still some details that need to be addressed. Thanks for asking!

Broad River:

' still some details that need to be addressed ',.. proofreading? LOL