Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Rejected In Fairfield

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The Fairfield Plan and Zoning Commission voted unanimously Tuesday night to deny two applications for medical marijuana dispensaries . Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

FAIRFIELD, Conn. – After two public hearings and hours of research, the Fairfield Plan and Zoning Commission unanimously denied two applications for medical marijuana dispensaries in town.

The commission, at its meeting Tuesday night, said that the reason for the denial was not because marijuana has been successfully used in treating patients, but because the regulations weren’t there in the town.

“I applauded and welcomed the decision of the state legislature to permit the distribution of medical marijuana,” Commisioner James Kennelly said. “As a larger matter I also believe that it’s a step in the direction toward less hysterical issues surrounding drugs in our country and our state.”

There were two applications before the commission, one at 400 Post Road and the other at 220 Post Road.

However, Kennelly said that the state wasn’t assisting localities in finding ways to decrease the impact to the town, especially as regarding the number of patients per dispensary and the safety of the community around it.

“How am I supposed to vote for something like this when the state is clearly disengaged on the local impact?” Kennelly asked.

For Commissioner Gerry Alessi, the matter was one of town regulations and the manner of how the application was done. He said that the applicant had applied as a retail single-use pharmacy, but would not allow anyone who wasn’t a patient to enter.

“I don’t know of any retail space in town where the public cannot enter, so I don’t’ consider this a retail space,” Alessi said. He also spoke about the nearly 14 bus stops that would have been near the 220 Post Road location, stating that there was a serious concern for public safety.

“This application is trying to put a square peg in a round hole,” Commissioner Matthew Wagner said.

Vice Chairman Seth Baratz said that the commission needs to come up with formal regulations for something like this before they can really consider how to accept any medical marijuana application.

“I think there is benefits for the patients but we need to do it the right way, we need to do it the safe way and that the state really needs to step up and do their job. They didn’t come with a full plan and they need to,” Commissioner Richard Jacobs said.

David Lipton, owner of Fairfield Based CT Wellness Centers, was the applicant for the 222 Post Road location and after the meeting said that he would be happy to work with the commission to come up with regulations that might help everyone. He also said that he would probably reapply in Fairfield if new regulations came into existence.

While no public comment was allowed before the commission voted, applause erupted after each commissioner said they would not vote to permit the dispensaries.

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Comments (13)

TV Guy:

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John Johnson:

It would be nice if The Norwalk Daily Voice would do something about Norwalk_m3 and his nonsense spam posts.


Let us not forget that every user of hard drugs started with pot.

Ken P Jr:

Really? I think most probably started with their parents booze & cigs but whatever...


I have a feeling someone is trolling again. Let him reply to himself. I bet he thinks refer madness is actually based on fact!

Elizabeth G:

If you know you're trolling why do you keep doing it?

Jim J:

Actually Kenny you may think that but you would be wrong


Hey queen, that is a myth. Its because pot is illegal, and you have to go to a dealer to find it and then the dealer offers you something else you never tried.

So the POT does not lead, the pusher leads. Understand?


Why are you referring to posters with your name from topix as in Queen. Also your are wrong as usual as evsry hard drug user started with pot. I am sure some pro drug sites out there say otherwise however keep in mind they are written by pot heads.
Is this the comments section that you are going to pollute today with your obsessive over posting?
Tell us have you found your parents?


Serious concern for public safety? That is hilarious!

Goes to show how out of touch people are.

Jim Kennelly:

I know I shouldn't do this but ...
"Pandering"? Hey George I was about the only person I that room who seemed uninterested in pandering at the second meeting. If you'd been at the third and final meeting you would have found out that I was the only person who was interested in not speculating on what state policy would be regarding allowing unlimited prescriptions--even if only one dispensary in the whole state was granted a local zoning approval--but actually finding out. AND that the dispensing of this stuff CAN be done by REGULAR pharmacies under the new law. I actually contacted the state department of consumer protection which is responsible for regulating the mm delivery in Ct. When the state DCP made clear in writing that there would be no prescription caps tied to the number of dispensing locations--even if there was just one-- it was pretty obvious this was not a use that could be classified as pharmacy (what the applicant sought) or one that would not potentially cause traffic and parking issues. No one at the second meeting you went to either for it or against could offer any answer --"we don't know" was on the lips of both sides. I don't share your view that our kids will get hooked on drugs if someone with cancer or glaucoma gets a doctors prescription for this stuff (and I have three kids). Nor was I willing to smile and nod at hysterical descriptions of imagined running gun battles between gangs over the chance to rob the 2.5 Oz. Prescription allotments of cancer patients in broad daylight in front of cameras. And I did not join in the effort to impugn the applicant and stigmatize the prescribing of medical marijuana--all of which was couldn't be the legal basis for a denial or an approval anyway but might have been a great basis for a legal challenge by the applicant if a denial appeared to be made on that basis. Finally, this hearing might have taken a half hour --not seven hours--if it had focused on the actual zoning issues on which this application had to rise or fall and if the state had provided those answers up front.

George A:

“I applauded and welcomed the decision of the state legislature to permit the distribution of medical marijuana,” Commisioner James Kennelly said. “As a larger matter I also believe that it’s a step in the direction toward less hysterical issues surrounding drugs in our country and our state.”

Nothing but pandering. He (Mr. Kennelly) wanted it in the town but knew the commission was going to vote against it and he didn't want to look stupid. God forbid his kids use or get hooked on drugs then lets see how he thinks. I was there for the 2nd meeting and he totally was for this.

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