Himes Says National Gun Control Policy Has To Change

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U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th Dist., said national gun control policy must change to prevent shootings like the one in Newtown Dec. 14. Photo Credit: himes.house.gov

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, D-4th District, said he’s been hearing from his constituents about gun control since yesterday’s shooting at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown.

“I’m hearing that it’s time to get serious — that this stops happening,” he said in an interview with Connecticut radio station WNPR. “It’s time to put an end to these ongoing massacres.”

Asked whether gun laws need to be tightened in Connecticut, Himes said that state laws can only do so much. “It’s important to remember that this perp broke every law,” he said. “He was 20 — you have to be 21 in Connecticut to own a gun. He had an assault rifle — those are illegal in Connecticut.”

Also, regardless of the laws in Connecticut, guns cross borders from less-regulated states, like Virginia, he said.

A national approach to the problem is needed, Himes said, noting prior shootings in other states, including the recent mall shooting in Oregon.

“We need to take a hard look nationally at this,” he said. Renewing the expired Federal Assault Weapons Ban would be one place to start, he said. That law was signed into effect by President Clinton, and sunsetted in 2004, during the George W. Bush presidency. Several attempts to re-enact it have failed.

“There are all kinds of common-sense solutions available,” Himes said.

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Comments (31)

Jackie Giamini:

Hey Tim T... Dwanna's posts clearly doesn't sugar-coat and for that, I applaud her!!
You on the other hand, are a real weirdo! I've read some of your posts, and i have yet to hear anything of substance from you!
So before you post again, try reading up on it first! Skip the big words, of course, I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself!.


Well, I have to agree that there is a limit to what the laws can achieve. They can be put in place but whether people out there will abide by them or not, is a totally different aspect. I personally feel that more stringent measures should be taken instead of imposing laws after laws. Those convicted of breaching the guns law need to be prosecuted and given a fine or jailtime. This way, lesser people will be enticed to own a gun because they are afraid of not handling it the correct way.

Pony Tail Steve:

Victoria, you are a smart person!
Well said
More and more and more laws will do nothing. Stricter laws are the answer, caught with a gun without proper paperwork you get in trouble.
But as Americans, once they start taking away one right, they will start with more and more. We have to prevent that.
The gov needs to get out of our lives, not stick their nose into every aspect.


Thomas Jefferson: "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
Americans should have access to whatever types of weapons the government has, including FULL automatic weapons. Less gun control is what we need to comply with the 2nd amendment.

sono resident:

so people should have shoulder operated grenade launchers, tanks anything and everything? You really believe that?


I believe in the Constitution. Do you? Do you think our founding fathers would be able to fight off almighty King George if they only had knives, machetes, bows and arrows? If you don't like 2nd amendment, be honest and try to repeal it. See how far you can go. As it stands now we still have the 2nd amendment

sono resident:

1st Jefferson didn't write the Constitution, he wasn't even at the Constitutional convention- he was in Europe. Moreover, Jefferson also said that a revolution was necessary every 20 years, and of course 20 years down the line when he was finishing up his 2nd term there was no talk of that. Secondly, I'm curious, since you said that citizens have the right to all the weaponry the military has since the purpose of the 2nd amendment in your words is to protect the citizenry from the government , should citizens be allowed to have shoulder launched surface to air missiles, tanks, etc... all the weaponry our military has?


Yeah right, another gun law on top of 20,000 existing gun laws would make a difference. Keep dreaming.
Instead of gun control, how about we all start thinking about mental patient control?
Aurora murderer: CRAZY
Gabby Giffords shooter: CRAZY
VTech shooter: CRAZY
Adam Lanza: CRAZY

I think I see a pattern here. Do you?

sono resident:

why does one have to choose between better laws to deal with people suffering from mental illness and sensible gun control? You can have both at the same time


We've tried 20,000 gun laws. Are they all insensible? What makes you think your new gun law will be sensible? Insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results.

sono resident:

20,000 gun laws? I don't know about that. I do know that guns are transported from States that have easy access to guns like New Hampshire and Va. to States that have more restrictive gun laws like Ct. I've even met someone who did it...sadly, he shot himself in the head. We've never had uniform gun laws through the country that had any teeth. As you say, insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. We've had the most permissive gun laws in the world and consistently win the gold medal for the most murders in the developed world year after year after year. Insanity is expecting that 500 million guns will make US citizens more safe than 250 million guns, Insanity is expecting that people with 100s of clips of ammo won't use it in insane ways. You are in the company of Nancy Lanza on this who likewise apparently felt frightened of this world and now she's no longer in it, and in her death and with her irresponsibility (leaving the guns without locks) she unwittingly caused the death of 26 people, 20 of which were innocent 6 year olds. Yup she really protected us from the US Government!!!


The nuts and criminals will have guns and other weapons, no question. The evil will continue to attack the most innocent among us. Should more of us be armed, trained, and ready to take action to protect ourselves and others? If the staff at the Sandy Hook school would of been packing, trained to use it, would this school shooting be reported differently. Would it of said Office staff wounded taking down armed intruder at front door. Intruder dead, all teachers and students safe. Sadly, we are not living in a Leave it to Beaver World, we need to adapt.

sono resident:

You're in a Rambo Messianic dreamworld. Even the NYPD who are trained experts end up killing loads of bystanders every year. In the Empire State Building situation last year all the people who were shot other then the intended victim and the criminal were shot by cops. More guns leads to more violence...US Exceptionalism shouldn't include more gun deaths in one year than 10+ years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its not evidence of freedom when people feel they need a gun- that's evidence of fear. Nancy Lanza would have agreed with you on 12/13...that's apparently from what's reported why she had an arsenal.

sono resident:

You're in a Rambo Messianic dreamworld. Even the NYPD who are trained experts end up killing loads of bystanders every year. In the Empire State Building situation last year all the people who were shot other then the intended victim and the criminal were shot by cops. More guns leads to more violence...US Exceptionalism shouldn't include more gun deaths in one year than 10+ years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its not evidence of freedom when people feel they need a gun- that's evidence of fear. Nancy Lanza would have agreed with you on 12/13...that's apparently from what's reported why she had an arsenal.

Ken P Jr:

Himes as usual is clueless. Her gun was perfectly legal in CT. We ban assault look alikes anyway, even though until Friday nobody could remember when one was used in a crime. What needs changing is the gun free zone laws that permit this. The shooting in OK last week was ended by the mere presence of a citizen with a handgun. The shooter saw somebody else with a gun and took his own life. How can anyone possibly preffer what happened in Newtown to that? Gun control is an obvious failure at anything but creating victims.

sono resident:

Why do people get so outraged by the idea of sensible gun restrictions? The 2nd Amendment even in its most broad interpretation isn't an absolute that allows all weapons, after all no one believes that government can't restrict portable rocket launchers. Sensible gun regulation doesn't mean that you can't have a gun, just might mean that you can't buy 10s of 1000s of rounds of ammunition on a regular basis or might hold that every State has common laws on background checks and waiting periods. Your having a gun when everyone else doesn't makes you safer, your and everyone else having as many guns as you want under whatever circumstances makes you less safe. What if any gun restrictions should be permissible and if none, why shouldn't all weaponry, from shoulder operated grenade launchers to dirty bombs- after all they are arms too?


"Why do people get so outraged by the idea of sensible gun restrictions?"
Because of the implication that the EXISTING restrictions are insensible and/or inadequate.


“There are all kinds of common-sense solutions available”. Again Jimmy wants to show people that he's so smart he himself has come up with solutions to the problem and the rest of you are so stupid. I can't wait for his so-called common-sense solutions.


"He had an assault rifle" Again Jimmy is wrong. The killer did not have an assault riffle. Hey Jimmy, think before you open your mouth. You're embarrassing us, citizens of CT.

Bruce Kimmel:

He did have an assault rifle; the type used by our soldiers two recent wars.


Hope your not Bruce as someone who is school inclined thats all you have to offer?

As a sitting council member who touts NY as his learning curve did you have any thoughts on the safety of Norwalk Schools?

Guns are guns bullets have no remorse,hasn't anyone told you Norwalks guns used in murders like the one a few weeks back at vets park were just as dangerous.

I voted for you I honsetly expect more from you,your background we hear all the time from the council floor told told me you have more to offer than a quick gun course.

The hear and now tells us all pray for those victims family and responders and then look at your own city and tell us you have been satisfied all has been done in your city in your reach to be safe from events like this.

To remind you once more two shootings,one was a standoff next to Norwalk schools where one school was evacuated thru the back door tells most of us not only understand we as a city may need more help,what is your take?


No he did not. He had an assault weapon, not assault rifle. You and Jimmy need to learn more before opening your mouth.


“It’s time to put an end to these ongoing massacres.”
Anyone who thinks they can put an end to these massacres are either stupid or a liar. But I believe we can do something to make these massacres happen a little less often. For starter, every school should be required by law to have one arm guard on duty when school is in session.

Ken P Jr:

All we need to do is lift the gun free zone laws and let staff and anybody else carry if they have a permit. This whole trend is enabled by the knowledge they will meet little or no resistance AND that the media will immortalize them. This is way beyond politics & gets to our basic rights to live & protect our lives. Shen the state decides to outlaw our ability to defend ourselves it becomes incumbent upon them to protect us. Since its obvious that their efforts cost lives rather than save them we really ought to rethink our strategy in its entirety, not just pass more laws. My kids are in Norwalk schools & I'd be looking for somebody to hold responsible. These families should file a class action suit against the state & federal govts for preventing them from protecting their kids and letting this happen, in the case of the feds letting it happen repeatedly. What good were the cops with their guns Friday? Those helpless people in the school needed guns, not the police who showed up after. Very sad.


when you have children arrested for drugs or other crimes some as many as two a day in Norwalk schools where was Rilings head and the School board by relaxing officers in all schools?

This goes back to who runs the the police schools and city hall you may find at least one person who is involved in all three any names come to mind?


There are all kinds of common-sense solutions available,” Himes said.

Yep tell Jim there are no handicap parking spots for Vets at Norwalks Post offices and he tells us great point and that was over a year ago that was before election.

Gets Norwalk a fire boat becuase he was told Norwalk needed it by the Republican administration yet the real need for officers when told about the shootings in South Norwalk went ignored.

Duff is the same way give Moccia what he wants thru grants without actually seeing what Norwalk needs and comes out looking like heroes.

Policticians like Himes and Duff are into headlines and good feeling grants to those for the most part who have never been understood .

So yes the fire boat countless art grants to make an already unsafe train station even worse and money thrown around and very little accountability.

We need police but the councils defense is until Moccia and Tom come foreward and ask for help Norwalk is safe Norwalk has it all under control.The council members say it all the time if we needed more officers they would ask,something wrong with the system folks.

We all forget two times in the last six months Norwalk experienced two gunman right outsode school doors with heavy gunpower and by the grace of God no child was killed,>i don't think we can compare tragedy with response that is usually what prevents more fatalities But if our politicians just for once looked at what federal and state money buys for Norwalk and took the crap like segway and other toys the Parking dept drives around and gave to fire and police just maybe our city would at least look prepared.

Moccia get all kids of crap out on robo call school calls to tell us our kids were protected when school was goint let out yesterday calming fears when in reality most of the kids were home watching Tvand events unfolding.

Tony talked to Tom about the coverage and the robo call in the morning yet hours wasn't enough time to call us parents and tell us Norwalk was at least on the ball.

Poor communiction among politicians and the public is not helping you figure after all these years and experience our city and our leades have it can't be fine tuned so I can alt least give someone credit for doing somthing good for our kids for our elderly for our city.

Himes gets a -C on response and that giving him more tha he deserves.Next shooting in Norwalk where these two pen pals serve lest see at least a release telling us they know whats going on in the city that sent then to Washington and Hartford.When is the last time we have heard from Bob last time it was what can i do i don't run the city yet he drove in cruiser one night and made the news as he was very concerned what 2 years ago or was that before an election as well?

We have seen in Norwalk you can't stop crime but you can make it harder to pull off one if we have officers on the street not on dirt jobs.We hear 250 some odd miles in Norwalk you really think each street sees a cruiser each day?

We need grants that serve the city not special interest and is the decision of a Republican Mayor with a Democratic purse.

Thanks for nothing Jim and Bob

Dwanna d'Allagino:

First off idiot Himes, the shooter did *not* own that rifle -- his dead mother did!
In the hunting world, assault rifles are a MUST, eh?

Nothing more exhilarating for any hunter than to be able to pump dozens of bullets into a deer within moments. I'm sure our forefathers would be mighty proud!!

As one of your constitutes, I want you to know that I have ZERO respect or faith in you!!

You are a political whore just like the rest of those sleazers in DC! You all disgust me!

As far as I'm concerned each and everyone of you scum politicians have those babies blood on your hands!

You all have had many opportunities to ban these devil weapons, but chose not to!

Small price to pay when your bought and paid for by the NRA!!


your right it takes time to gather the facts as in the past Jim decides to go with the ball but forgets what team he is on,he has been told many times arm yourself with facts and you may sound at least credible tis just shows once again the need to find informed politicians or at least one who knows how to gather facts before they ride tragedy knee jerking statements that simply makes you wonder why did we vote for this guy but then again most politicians have no clue until after a vote what the facts are.People who live in fear in parts of Norwalk do not have a strong lobby just a strong need to have it all change.

This was tragedy enough now we have to look upon those who promised help each election speak out like idiots.Salt in the wound is the best way to describe some of our politicians and thier actions.

Tim T:



Once again, did he use the "assault rifle", and then go back to his car to safeguard it, before killing more with the handguns and committing suicide? Does not seem to make sense to me, although nothing about this horror makes sense.

Uncle Dave:


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