Greenwich Lines Up As Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $586 Million

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The Mega Millions jackpot is expected to hit $600 million by the time the drawing is held at 10:59 p.m. Tuesday. Photo Credit: Danny LoPriore

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- As the Mega Millions jackpot creeps toward $600 million, residents all over Fairfield County are lining up at gas stations and delis to get their tickets and hopefully hit a huge payday Tuesday night. 

The jackpot total stands at $586 million as of Tuesday morning, but the brisk pace of ticket sales was expected to push it over the $600 million mark by the time the drawing is held at 10:59 p.m. 

"What is it, $586 million now? Of course I'm playing," said Gary Frank as he bought his tickets at the 7-Eleven store in White Plains, N.Y. "I play scratch offs and lottery all the time. I already have a few Mega tickets."

Nobody has hit the jackpot since the game format was changed in October.

In the game, five numbers are drawn from a pool of 75 numbers up from the previous total of 56, and the Megaball numbers have been reduced from 46 to 15. The result is longer odds.

The change has reduced the chances of winning to 259 million to 1, down from 175 million to 1 under the old system. 

Since nobody has hit the jackpot since the change, the pot has grown to the second largest jackpot in the game's history, trailing only the $656 million total that was collected in April 2012. 

The drawing will be held just before 11 p.m. and will be televised locally on WABC-TV Channel 7, Fox CT Channel 61 and WCCT-TV Channel 20.

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Comments (18)

Broad River:

It's entertainment for a buck.


It's not entertainment for a buck. It's paying to be disappointed. People don't realize just how bad the odds are. If a particular grain of sand on the beach was the winner, and the game was that you pay a dollar and pick one grain off the beach after looking at all that sand, that would be a fairer example of how hard it would be to win.

Broad River:

' They ' buy em every week. When they read there were no winners and after weeks there was 1 winner in Ohio, don't you think they are aware?
You're entertaining !
They're not paying for the disappointment, they are paying for the thrill, the ability to dream. They know they aren't going to win and they will tell you that with a smile on their face.
I don't play but my Next door neighbor use to. He won the $1M CT lottery about 25 years ago. He didn't retire and he knew he couldn't. After taxes it came to $38,000 / year He always had a new car and took fabulous vacations
I personally know 3 people that won the CT lottery for $1M. A childhood friend ( M Spanner Bpt. ), a coworker ( Liquori Rdgfld. ) and my next door neighbor( D.S. Nrwlk). I don't buy tickets. I get my entertainment right here, for Free!


From what I have read, apparently there are a few individuals out there who have won a big lottery more than once.

Broad River:

True Meatball. Lightening strikes all around me lol !
Ever read all the stories of people that have won big to then be absolutely broke a few years later?


Oh jeese, ... I am amazed that such good fortune can apparently be so destructive or at least so rampant with demise and loss for so many. It certainly is something that can have a tremendous impact on an individuals life, for the better and/or for the worse. A winner really must manage the situation very wisely, .. or else they end up losing.

RG of Mayo:

When it gets to this level it IS entertainment. It's the normal day-to-day, week in and week out "games" wherein the state profits from the ignorance and desperation of folks that can't afford to play that turns the stomach. We've all been stuck on line at the gas station or supermarket service desk where a retiree in a threadbare coat or a landscape laborer is pouring money across the counter on lottery tickets....their weekly fix.

Broad River:

There's a station on New Canaan Ave. that stopped selling Lotto games. They only got 5 cents / ticket and realized they were loosing money at the pump and snack stop.
Yes, I have seen threadbare players, nervously scratching tickets as they stood there. I asked one, ' Can't you just swipe the bar code, instead of doing all that scratching'? His reply to me was " What's the fun in that"!
So, they must be getting some sort of endorphin high.


Lottery tickets are just another way to collect tax from poor people.

Elizabeth G:

Clearly you have no idea what taxes are. You are not required to purchase lottery tickets, but on the other hand if you had a job you would be required to pay taxes. With that said lottery tickets and taxes are the exact opposite.


Actually, as a side note here, ... and you will not believe this, but I will share it anyway; In fact there is no law that requires a citizen to pay tax on income from labor. The income tax is unconstitutional and was never ratified. ... but of course the IRS has never and will never admit this, even though they have lost when challenged in court over this more than once, because the jury was never shown a law that requires a citizen to pay tax on income that is in exchange for labor. According to the Constitution, a citizen can only be legally required to pay tax on income that is profit, and income from labor is not profit. It is income from a fair exchange transaction, ie; labor for money. .... Of course if you attempt to challenge the govt on this by not paying your taxes, you will be arrested and fined.


Wrong, lady


The poorer you are the more likely you buy lottery tickets. I have poor friends, I have rich friends. Most of my poor friends buy lottery tickets regularly, and none of my rich friends are interested in the lottery whatsoever.


This does not deserve to be considered news. It is advertising for a lottery that preys on poor people and those with bad math skills. As Penn and Teller have said, Las Vegas was built entirely by income from people with bad math skills!

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