Gov. Malloy Asks Connecticut To Obey Statewide Travel Ban

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FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. — Residents are asked to comply with a statewide travel ban on all roads Saturday after a record-breaking storm dumped 38 inches of snow on parts of the state, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said.

"One of the biggest problems we're facing is autos getting stuck," Malloy said Saturday morning.

Roads and highways blocked by cars can't be plowed and prevent emergency crews from getting through, he said. The travel ban would like stay in place throughout Saturday, he said. 

Connecticut State Police had received 1,600 calls for service in the last 24 hours, he said.

The southeastern part of the state was hit hardest, Malloy said, with 39,000 customers without power there.

A total of 270 National Guard members are helping state crews to clear roads, with a “few hundred” more on their way, he said. Once the state roads were cleared, the state and National Guard crews might help out municipalities if needed.

Malloy also urged residents to clear snow from fire hydrants near their homes to help firefighters and to clear snow from around vents on their homes to prevent carbon monoxide buildup.

The governor will give another update at 6 p.m.

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Comments (12)

Only a true idiot could blame anything in CT on Republicans. We've been a liberal star for decades. Malloy is just going thru the paces, his constituency is largely made up of people unable to think clearly so he needs to shut the highways for his Liberal followers to notice its not safe out.

I guess Ken forgot about Grandma Rell who created the problem that Malloy is slowly fixing. Why is it all Republicans have convenient alzheimers

Would someone please ask Mayor Malloy, how he expects us to keep our sidewalk snow free when the plows keep pushing the snow back after we shovel?
It's really not fair to the homeowners!!!! Now there is so much snow , I can't shovel it!!!!!!!!

' The snow back after we shovel'? Are you shoveling it out into the road?

Of course, isnt that what everyone does? We should start giving tickets to cars left on the road in a storm. People wait for the plow, then shovel the snow around & on their car back into the road & just leave it there. We need a city ordinance requireing all cars to be moved off the road in a winter storm & it needs to be enforced. We also need to start enforcing the shovel your sidewalk ordinance.

Unfortunately, not everyone has off street parking available for their vehicles. My family does, but not everyone else on our street does. I think the City already does have some kind of ordinance regarding this. I know we were told that a particular vehicle on our street would be towed if it wasn't moved from the spot. The city employee was annoyed that we didn't know whose vehicle it was, but we simply didn't know.

We have shoveled the driveway out several times in the past and gotten plowed back in even though we have designated areas off road to put the snow. We also had someone who had parked on the street shovel their car out and dump all the snow into the areas where we had shoveled out the sidewalk once. She was ticked because she'd shoveled out her car, went in to change for work and came out only to find that the plow had been by. And then we got a call from someone complaining that we hadn't shoveled the sidewalk. Unfortunately, we all were at work by then and no one was home.

So, often there are reasons why sidewalks don't get shoveled or cars don't get moved. I don't think punishing people for things that they can't really control is the answer.

We live on the coastline, these storms are ordinary. Buffalo doesn't even measure in inches. Their hydrants jut out from heated buildings down town. Maybe the Governor is from around D.C. where what we call a dusting, creates pileups on the highway. 1600 calls to the police for being stuck / stranded?

We certainly have had worst storms! Are you kidding me. It's Feburary in New England, you got a minute!?

The guv is just a left-leaning liberal tax & spend tree hugger elected by liberal; left leaning tree huggers who just love to pay extremely high taxes and receive nothing in return.

The Democratic governor is the be cutting taxes for the middle class. The Democratic governor is the one paying off the debt created by the Republican Rell. You right wingers don't get it no one is buying you lies any longer and that was proven on election day

its a snow storm in winter in new england........
wheres the surprise?
buy snow tires, learn to drive......