Girlfriend Sues Estate Of Ridgefield Man Killed By Police

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John Valluzzo, founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, was shot and killed by Ridgefield police in his home on Ridgebury Road last year.
John Valluzzo, founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, was shot and killed by Ridgefield police in his home on Ridgebury Road last year. Photo Credit: File

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- The girlfriend of the man shot to death in his Ridgefield home by a police officer last year is suing his estate, according to the Ridgefield Press

Anna Messina of Danbury filed the lawsuit June 4, saying she feared for her life as he pressed a gun against her chest during the standoff May 24, 2013, in his home at 423 Ridgebury Road, the Press reported.

Messina is seeking more than $15,000 in compensation for battery, negligence, and emotional distress, the story said.

Officers were called to Valluzzo's home last year after a 911 call reported a domestic dispute involving a gun, police have said. During the standoff, Valluzzo was shot and killed by Ridgefield Police Officer Jorge Romero, a seven-year veteran of the department, in his house after refusing to lower his weapon, police have said.

Valluzzo’s estate filed a notice of intent to sue the town in October over his death.

State Police completed an investigation into the fatal shooting on March 31, but it has not yet been released by State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky.

Valluzzo was founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury.

Read the full story about the new lawsuit here at the Ridgefield Press.

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Comments (23)

If it were me Romero wouldn't have had a chance.

Now we all know cops can't be trusted when they enter our property. When you see any intruders, including cops, grab your gun.

This is the type of behavior I would expect from the Norwalk Police Department as they are out of control and unprofessional .

No good scum cop killing an old man for no reason...

The man's estate should file counter suit against the woman .. wrongful death.

Facts are a stubborn thing.
Fact- The Ridgefield Police Department received a call of a domestic disturbance with an armed subject at that residence.
Fact- The Ridgefield Police Department didn’t randomly enter that residence.
Fact- The Ridgefield Police Officer was a former Bridgeport Police officer, which lends to his experience in violent confrontations
Fact- When the police tell you to put down the loaded pistol you have a choice.
Fact- When police encounter an armed suspect they don’t run.
Fact- No police officer wants to use deadly physical force. It will cause a criminal investigation, followed by an internal review, followed by the inevitable law suit. This process will not take place quickly; it will drag out for years. Let’s not forget the permanent emotional scares this officer and his family will face because he was forced to take an armed suspect’s life. And of course he must face the court of public opinion. “Why didn’t he do that….”?” Why didn’t he do this…?”,”Why didn’t he shoot the gun out of the suspect’s hand ?”. These are comments from ignorant, uninformed fools. These people would never have the courage to do police work much less pass the numerous tests.
Fact- We should be supporting Officer Romero & thanking him for his service. Because without his brave actions a woman would most likely be dead.

You forgot the most important fact. The no good coward trigger happy cop unnecessarily shot and killed an old man.

facebook You are 100 percent correct.. The cop should have been jailed.

I agree the cop should have been charged

How do you know? Where you there?

What would YOU do if someone had a gun and waving it at you? Would you smile and offer him a cup of tea?

Your ignorance, and the fact you steal my user name, shows how pathetic you are.

How do you know Romero is telling the truth? Were you there? Oh yeah, he's a cop so he must be telling the truth. Screw Romero! He's a killer! Oh wait, Romero has other cops that are witnesses and are siding with him. I guess I'm wrong. Sorry.

Most cops tend to have mental problem and many have drug and alcohol addiction. Cops are not different than the filthy criminals. All one needs to do is take a look at the Norwalk Police department.

Police are never charged with murder but should be.

Police are never charged with murder.

Romero didn't do anything wrong. Cops are allowed to shoot innocent people in their own homes. Right?

Honestly though, I really have no use for cops. I have guns to protect myself and family from any intruders, including cops.

Hey Look at this WHY Don't you Take the test, and the Training and wear the Badge------THEN and ONLY then can you be critical !!!!!

Jim You seem to be very uneducated.

Look at this...... Get a clue. Carry a gun drink and threatening, don't listen to police. Guess the choice was made

Look at this is correct as usual

He didn't threaten the cops asshole. Romero threatened him by entering illegally. Romero should have been shot.

The no good cop that did this should be locked up.

Obama should be.locked up with the Daily Voice Robtard.

As,you,can see,I lack,any real ,education. Please call,me queen.