Freezing Temperatures And Snow Forecast For Greenwich

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Strong arctic winds will be bringing cold weather to Fairfield County through the end of January. And snow fall is likely at both ends of this week. Photo Credit:

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – Winter is coming this week to Fairfield County as temperatures become more seasonable and snow is forecast.

This week is likely to start off somewhat warm Monday morning, but Accuweather Meteorologist Matt Alto said that temperatures are likely to drop in the afternoon.

“As we head into Monday, there could be a chance of snow from a coating or 1 to 2 inches,” Alto said. “The cold air right now is really starting to come in.”

Tuesday through Thursday is when the temperatures really begin to drop, Alto said, with coastal towns being slightly warmer than those further inland. It is forecast the high Tuesday will be in the low-30s dropping to the low-20s Wednesday and Thursday. Inland towns should expect temperatures in the teens.

“It’s going to be the coldest air for the winter season and the biggest cold shot we've had in a while,” Alto said.

Later in the week, a storm will bring more snow to the area, but Alto said it is difficult to forecast how much as the path of the storm has not yet been determined.

"There will be snow, but it’s hard to say how much right now,” he said.

In the last days of January, Alto said the area should expect more cold air from the North.

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Comments (16)

Pony Tail Steve:

Learn how to drive. If you cannot drive in a few inches, you should stay off the road.
No idea what that last sentence even means... Are you trying to complain about gov hand outs?

Pony Tail Steve:

Only idiots cannot drive in the the snow. Most people are afraid to drive in the snow. If you have an all wheel drive vehicle, you can go any where. Stay off the roads if you cannot drive!
As for commuting to work, that depends on the type of work you do.
Many get can work from home with a computer and a phone. No need to go into the office.


I feel very sorry for you. Snow is FUN! And I do have a job that I drive to every day. I just came back from a weekend spent playing in the snow and everyone I saw on the highway coming home with their skis, snowshoes, skates, all had a great time spending our tax dollars in a place where people do LOVE snow. Wish we had more here.


I will never post here again. And, Fairfield Daily Voice, please note, I will not even be reading the Voice any more. They should not allow people to call others on the site "liars." I am just a Fairfield resident who likes the snow.

Pony Tail Steve:

The snow is nice, the cold stinks. Nothing like a grey, snowless, cold feb to get you bummed out.
Hope we get a few inches


Finally winter is coming to town. It's been to good to be true.


It's like waiting for the other shoe to drop and apparently it's about to. Had to happen sooner or later :)

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