Former Nanny Of Greenwich's Skakel Family Speaks Out

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Michael Skakel is free on bail awaiting a new trial in the murder of Martha Moxley. Photo Credit: CNN

GREENWICH, Conn. -- Marie Kane, a former nanny of Michael Skakel, who was awarded a new trial in the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley, was interviewed by recently and recalled her time working with the Skakel family.

Kane was not employed by the Skakel family at the time of Moxley's murder, but the native of Ireland remembered Skakel and his brother, Thomas, as being angry, lacking discipline and at times physically violent, according to 

Skakel remains out on $1.2 million bail after being awarded a new trial. The Kennedy cousin was serving a 20 years to life sentence after being convicted of the murder of Moxley in her family's back yard with a golf club. 

Read the full interview with Kane here.

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