Excavator Sinks In Sound Near Greenwich Home

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The top of an excavator sticks out of Long Island Sound next to a coastal home on Field Point Circle in Greenwich after sinking into the sand at a residential construction site. Photo Credit: Eric Gendron
An excavator got stuck in the sand and then the tide took it into Long Island Sound in Greenwich. Photo Credit: Eric Gendron

GREENWICH, Conn. – An excavator sank into the sand next to a coastal home on Field Point Circle in Greenwich and was partially swallowed by the rising tide of Long Island Sound on Friday afternoon.

The excavator's operator, who was working at a construction site at a private home, reached out to grab a boulder with the machine when it shifted and sank into the sand, Deputy Fire Marshal Shawn McDonnell said.

The tide began to rise, and the excavator sank before construction crews had time to remove it.

"It's a sealed system, so it's highly unlikely anything will leak out of it," McDonnell said. "It should not have any environmental impact, but we did do a preventative booming around it."

The machine is not likely to be removed from the Sound until Monday, he said.

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Anytime I got a lot of Great pictures. I will get more when we try on monday.


About 10 am Greenwich Towing received a call requesting a Heavy Duty Wrecker to 110 Field point Circle. A Wrecker from Riverside Service in Greenwich was dispatched along with a supervisor and 2 labors. The Greenwich police were notified of the incident and responded with Fire and DEP. The work site was shut down by the fire department and containment booms were being deployed by fire and DEP. On Monday an attempt to recover the 80 thousand pound excavator will be performed at low Tide. The excavator was assisting in the building of a rock jetty when it became stuck on the beach and the tide came in and consumed the equipment.

Steven R. Peterson
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Thanks for further details Steven!

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