Fairfield County Residents' Storm Videos Pile Up On YouTube

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This self-styled weatherman from Stamford gives his own brand of storm report. Photo Credit: xxhuladavexx
"Nasty" driving in the snow in Ridgefield, with a hand-held camera, apparently. Photo Credit: metallion91
Snow driving, with hand-held camera it appears, from Greenwich to Stamford with "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton as the soundtrack. Photo Credit: joejonesing
Norwalk resident Bill Steward shot this video of the snow around his home on Saturday, Feb. 9. Photo Credit: Bill Steward
Stella the pup revels in winter storm Nemo's bounty in Wilton, Conn. Photo Credit: Joan McCullough
Dogs romp in the snow Saturday, Feb. 9, after Nemo blew through. Photo Credit: challdv

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. - Videos of the blizzard that whipped through Fairfield County accumulated on YouTube almost as quickly as the snow did Friday and Saturday. 

Variations on the "Look at all this snow!" video abound, but a self-styled weatherman from Stamford gives his own flavor of storm report, wearing a furry Viking hat.

Driving-in-the snow clips feature prominently. Disturbingly, one taken in Ridgefield was apparently taken with a hand-held camera, while the driver describes the conditions as "nasty." Another taken with what seems to be a hand-held camera during a drive from Greenwich to Stamford is set to the song "Cocaine," by Eric Clapton.

And we contributed to the videographic snow record with a few of our own. Norwalk Daily Voice reader Bill Steward shared his YouTube video of post-Nemo life around his home.

The Wilton Daily Voice reader Joan McCullough sent us a clip of her adorable pup Stella luxuriating in the snow, which we uploaded to YouTube.  

We couldn't resist uploading this one either, even though we don't yet cover Bethel, but our features editor Julie Curtis' two dogs and their Dachshund friend look so happy in the snow, we had to share it.

Here are some others:

Driving down Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich - this driver took the safe route and used a dashcam, it appears.

Fairfield kids have as much fun with their video of sledding as with the sledding itself.

Fairfield and Norwalk fitness guru Donovan Green put together a snow-day workout video. 

Timelapse in Greenwich 

Fairfield got the most snow around here:
Fairfield morning after

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