Study: Connecticut Finds Missed Connections At Stop & Shop

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Looking for love in Connecticut? You're most likely meeting up with "missed connections" at Stop & Shop, according to a study. Photo Credit: Flickr user Paul H Photography

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – If you're a lonely heart in Connecticut looking for that missed connection, you're most likely to find that person at Stop & Shop, according to a study published in Psychology Today.

The study gives a state-by-state map showing the most common places for "missed connections" – the posts on Craigslist in which a poster is trying to track down a person they met somewhere and want to get in touch with.

Connecticut is not the only state where people go to the supermarket to find love. Maine, New Hampshire Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Wyoming, Nebraska and Alaska also head there for their missed connections.

What's the most common place in the country to find missed connections? That would be Walmart.

See the full study here.

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Comments (6)

Jackie Giamini:

One look around the Norwalk Stop and Shop's, I have just one word" ewww"!


I would think that these "Million Mom" marches for various trendy, left-wing causes would be a fertile venue for meeting affluent women--some reasonably attractive--with a lot of time on their hands. Make up a couple of pithy signs, act "sensitive" and "caring"; bring some chocolate chip cookies, and good luck!

Pony Tail Steve:

This is interesting. I always say the best place to meet a woman, is at the grocery store or Church. Also on the bar car train from NYC to SONO is a great place.


It would be even funnier if he said it as, Mrs. Nelson, or Mr. Nelson :), but then I suppose that would be too confusing for him/her.

So, the point of this article is, go shopping more often and hang out in which aisle to meet people? Produce or dairy :) It is interesting, though and probably safer than online sites.


Walmart might be interesting. Most of the women there would not be interested in banning guns; in fact, I think most would be carrying them.

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