Gov. Dannel Malloy Keynote Speaker at Business Council Luncheon

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013, 11:45am-1:30pm

Sheraton Hotel

Stamford, CT

$45 member; $55 non-member

In his first two years in office, Governor Malloy first tackled structural deficits in the state budget - primarily state worker post-retirement benefits and the practice of bonding operating expenses.

Governor Malloy in his second year has focused on the areas critical in keeping the state competitive - education, economic growth and infrastructure investment.

During his 'State of the State Address' in early January, the Governor acknowledged the tough choices that had to be made, and the need to make more of them in the weeks and months ahead as the state looks to budget deficit projections of $1 billion.

We invite you to join us to hear Governor Malloy's economic strategy going forward, and to learn more about the challenges to be faced and choices yet to be made.

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