Papa John's Pizza Opens In Stamford

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Papa Johns opened a restaurant in Stamford's Glenbrook neighborhood just before the new year.
Papa Johns opened a restaurant in Stamford's Glenbrook neighborhood just before the new year. Photo Credit: Anthony Buzzeo

STAMFORD, Conn. — It's hard to turn on the television and not see John Schnatter delivering pizzas or chatting with Peyton Manning.  Now you can taste what all the talk is about with a Papa John’s opening in Stamford.

“They know about Papa John’s,” manager Jennie Wong said when asked about the television spots. She thinks the ads have helped bring customers to the new Glenbrook location, which opened about two weeks ago.

Wong knows there are many pizza places in the city and that residents have their favorites, but she thinks the ingredients at Papa John's, including never-frozen pizza dough and vegetables prepared daily, will set it apart.

“I eat it almost every day,” the Stamford resident said.

She added that she has not been the only repeat customer: one of her drivers has delivered to the same customer three to four times since the restaurant opened. The eatery has had more busy days than slow days since opening, Wong said, blaming the latter on New Year’s resolutions.

In addition to the ingredients, she thinks promotions such as family meals, online deals and a monthly special will “help keep people excited about the pizza.”

The next closest restaurants are in White Plains and Bridgeport, and the only other location in Fairfield County is in Danbury, according to Papa John’s website.

The Stamford restaurant is the 4,214th Papa Johns to open worldwide, the website said. It is located at 313 Hope St., and hours are 10:30 a.m. to midnight for delivery and 10:30 a.m. to 11:40 p.m. for carryout. Orders can be made online or by calling 203-348-7272.

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Comments (5)

This is great !! Cant wait to give Papa Johns a try .
That awful pizzaria across the street, Pappas, should be nervous. I went in there a few times and the attitude and the look of the owner was how Dare you ask me to make you a pizza. Just leave your money on the counter and get out. The pizza was the worst ,greasy small and terrible cheese.
Hope Papa Johns takes all the customers away! Karma Baby !! Yeah !!!

Good luck with your venture Ms. Wong. You have a good product. If you take of your customers, the customers will take care of you.

I hope Glenbrook residents continue to patronize our locally-owned small-business pizza restaurants--Hope, Pappa's, and Nick's--and don't give their money to a multi-millionaire business owner who won't consider giving his employees health insurance.

Dear Sillyp, I have news for you....local pizzerias like Pappa's and Nick's also DO NOT give their employees health insurance. In fact, many local pizzerias do not pay their employees minimum wages, especially their drivers. This Papa John's pays above minimum wage. How do I know this? I have worked at several local pizzerias, including ones you mentioned and I talked to current employees at Papa John's.

Of course tiny local businesses don't provide health insurance. But these small businesses are not owned by multimillionaires like John Schnatter (who lives in a 45,000 square foot house with a 40+ car garage) who donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to political action committees to try and defeat universal healthcare in this country.

The cost of providing healthcare to Schnatters full-time employees would come to about 11-14 cents per pizza. That's apparently too much for Papa John's shareholders, so Schnatter has said he'll have to cut staff to absorb the cost. Then he backtracked on that and merely stated that he'll pass the cost onto consumers to protect his shareholders.

As a consumer, I would gladly pay 14 cents more to know that the person making my pizza can take his daughter to the doctor when she's sick, but hey, I won't be buying my pizza at Papa John's anyway.